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Stadium Approved Handbags!

Happy Friday! Last month some of you may remember I went to a soccer game. The stadium banned all bags or backpacks bigger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. This is a new rule for every professional football stadium. They allow you to bring in your belongings in a clear plastic bag or in a clutch the size of your hand. If you didn't have one they made you check it in or did not allow you to go in at all. I opted not to bring a handbag with me and just carried my phone and wallet in my pockets. But I realized I should probably look into a clear purse for future events like this. I did some research and found a very pretty but very expensive Chanel bag that's made of PVC that retails for, I kid you not- a jaw dropping $3000. I'm not crazy or rich enough to drop that kind of money on a plastic bag but I do love how cute it is. After some digging, I found some Chanel inspired looking ones on Amazon that are very affordable. 

Unless you're a purse addict like I am, I'm not entirely sure many people would know this is a wannabe Chanel bag. It doesn't say Chanel anywhere on the bag. There are no logos to be found.

It's definitely a small bag and will only fit your essential items, a phone, wallet, keys and maybe some lipstick. This one came with a white pouch to put more discreet items inside, like tampons. How thoughtful!

The second color I purchased is definitely very similar to the pink and green one. This one is tinted and not as see through. The top is tinted purple and the bottom is tinted blue/green. This one is also slightly bigger than the pink and green one. I'm not 100% positive this would be approved by the stadium rules but it's so cute I couldn't pass it up. 

I won't be using these bags as my everyday bags. I'll use them when it's rainy out and I don't feel like ruining one of my nicer bags. I'll take this to a concert or stadium event when a clear bag is required. And best of all? These bags won't put a dent in your bank account. They're under $25 each. 

What it fits- key pouch, two card cases, iphoneX and ice breakers.

There are others that are stadium approved like this one in black trim and silver hardware. I also love this version of it as well. Overall, definitely pleased with these purchases. I look forward to going to more sporting events! 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!