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Lululemon Upload! November 7th 2017

I know it's fall/winter but I really love these Speed Up Short in radiant print! I'm totally ordering them and hope I get a decent print placement. I'm also ordering the Down For A Run Jacket II in black cherry. I never bought the original version because of how long the jacket was. I'm hoping this new version is more petite friendly. 

Did you order anything?

(So miiiine!)

(This color is super pretty!)

(I'm not a fan of the contrasting zipper, looks strange)

(Guess they are now copying Athleta?)

(Not crazy about this camo print, it just looks a little muddy to me)

(I love these!)

(These look super comfy but probably not petite friendly)

(These are interested. Might try these if I them see in store)

(This definitely reminds me of Tory Burch)


  1. I got the acute tote in black cherry as it would make a great bag for traveling. The speed up shorts and WUP in radiant print are both on my wishlist and I decided to get the tote first.

    1. Oh nice! I just use my rolling carry on when ever I travel... I dislike having to carry around big bags on my shoulder. I used to do that when I was younger and just got tired!

  2. I ordered the 25" align in camo. I only have a pair of black align crop and have been waiting to add another pair to my collection. I may prefer the crop version though if it comes out.

    I really like the DFAR jacket in black berry. The stock photos make it look shiny. I am also not sure if I should take my tts or size up. I am waiting for reviews before making the final decision.

    1. Being as short as I am, I can only really get the Aligns in the crop version. The longer ones are too baggy around my ankles. That's a major pet peeve of mine.

      I ordered the DFAR jacket in black berry in 2 sizes so I'll let you know!

    2. Just received my camo align 25"- baggy at the bottom! I totally forgot that this is the reason that I don't own any align pant :(. I do love the fabric and pattern though so will wait for the crop version to come out.

      How is the DFAR jacket working out for you?

    3. I just got my DFAR jacket and will post a review up soon. I love it I think I'm going to keep this one. I got the size 2 and the length is perfect. Covers the bum but doesn't look too long. The size 4 definitely didn't work well length wise. It kind of flapped out like a duck tail. I haven't pulled off the tags yet but I'm leaning towards it!

  3. Can't wait to see your fit review for the speed shorts (pretty!) and dfar jacket. I'm so excited about the pullover - definitely getting in black or black cherry...(unless it's super poorly done compared to the original release).


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