USA / Canada Upload! January 24th 2017

January 24, 2017

Small upload tonight it seems. Debating on the new Nulux print. Anything for you tonight?

(I like this print, maybe I'll order it to see)

(interesting but what would you wear underneath?)

(this is pretty cute)

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  1. I bought the gear up bra in black. I needed the extra coverage on top for spinning and Pilates. Have been buying a lot of Lorna Jane lately - more pops of color!

    1. I still have yet been able to try Lorna Jane. Some of it looks really cute though! It's hard to tell if it's petite friendly. It's one of those brands I would have to try on a bunch of stuff to see what works and what doesn't and I would love it if I could see some of it in person first before ordering online.

  2. The Nulux print looks so vibrant and pretty, it's just something I wouldn't wear though. I'm loving the new Cadet Blue and Alberta Lake Energy Bras (which I wear 7 days a week...what's a real bra? Hehehe).

    1. I thought your favorite was FTBW bra? I have not tried the Energy bra... maybe I will next time I go to the store. But if I remember they're for B cups or larger, right?


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