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Upload! December 4th 2018

Where is my money tree?! I just placed a giant order too and now there's even more stuff that I want to try! 😩 Want to try so many things. The new plushy Scuba Hoodie, the Speed Up Short in the new prints, the Coast Easy Wrap, and the Anew Strap Tank. SO sad. I will wait until I get my order before I place another one.

Did you order anything tonight? What do you think of tonight's upload?

(I'm tempted to order one of these to try, it looks very cozy!)

(Is the piping a different color or is it just the lighting that makes it look pink?)

(I like this print, but wonder if it stretches white, it kind of already looks like that on the model.)

(This just looks so cuddly like a teddy bear!)

(This is pretty)

(I tend to like prints in small doses, so I might pick this up)

(The shoulders look really weird here)

(These look soooo cozy and cute I love them. Wish they were petite friendly)

(I may be interested in this, only problem is this fabric tends to pill fast and not crazy about the price.)

(hmmmm might be time for some new shorts?!)

(want these too!)

(I have the Anew Singlet and like it a lot, may try this too.)

(OUCH on the price jump!)

(I cannot for the life of me wear stripes like this)

(Why is this $300? Doesn't look that special.)


  1. Checked out the Coast Easy Wrap at a store today. The material is soft but thinner than I thought. Not worth the price and I much prefer my French Terry Savasana Wraps and Gratitude Wraps.

    The Scuba Hoodie Plush in Heathered Iris Ice is very pretty and I love the luxurious plush lining. Piping is tone on tone with a satin feel. I would've got it if I don't have so many hoodies on hand already.

    Tempted to get the So Sherps Hooded Jacket in Heathered Silver spoon. It's fluffy like a teddy bear but I think you can get something similar elsewhere at a much cheaper price.

    Was hoping to see the Transformation Wrap and True Navy Coco Pique Vinyasa scarf but was disappointed. Should I place an online order for the wrap or should I wait for your fit review?... What color did you order by the way?

    1. Oh good, I can remove the wrap from my cart! Thanks!

      Did you happen to try on the Scuba Hoodie Plush? I'm wondering if the fit is the same as my other Scubas. I want to order it to try.

      Cristina tried on the So Sherpa said it was extremely itchy for her.

      I dropped by the store over the weekend saw the true navy coco pique but it was too similar to my black one. So I passed. Did not see the Transformation Wrap either but it's on the way, should be here Saturday. I went with dark adobe. I ordered it in a size 2.

    2. I was with a friend and didn’t have time to try on anything. :).

      I might order the Transformation Wrap just in case it sells out.

    3. Sorry the piping is made of velvet instead of satin. Thought of trying on the Scuba Hoodie Plush for you yesterday but store was crowded because of the 25% discount I guess. Long line up at the fitting rooms so I passed.

    4. Ahhh I waited too long and the Scuba sold out in the dark adobe. I may try for the chrome. Still waiting for my Lulu order which is turning out to be very annoying!

  2. I really like the luminosity tights not not enough to spend that much on them. I’m loving the new jackets.

    1. Same here. I might cave and get the speed shorts in the luminosity color.


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