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Upload! April 17th 2018

There are a few things I'm eyeing in tonight's upload. I need to be talked out of it all! For instance the new Define Jacket in dusty dawn. I reminds me of dusty mauve a little bit. Can I justify having both?
I haven't placed an order yet, still playing with things in my cart. Did you order anything?

More commentary below-

(Since I'm loving lilac right now, I also want this!)

(I think I'll add this to my FTBW collection)

(They are releasing some really nice Scuba colors lately... I wish this one were heathered though)

(I'm really drawn to this jacket, I love the shade of blue and the back looks amazing)

(I really love the back of the design. I might have to get this)

(It looks great in the black as well, but the back of the jacket doesn't look nearly as awesome)

(Not sure how I feel about this print. I think it looks a little too busy, I like the colors though)