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Lululemon Upload! October 30th 2017

Greetings from New Orleans! The weather here is wonderful. 70s during the day and it's been sunny the entire time here so far. I've been eating up a ton and not working out at all. Will have to get back to my regular routine when I get home. I have been walking around a lot though, so that helps a little bit!

There IS a Lululemon here, and I did go to check things out. I'll have a store try on post soon! For tonight's surprise upload, I'm eyeing a couple of things. The Scuba Hoodie is cute. We haven't seen a print Scuba in a while. I really love the desert teal Swiftly. Did you order anything? I'm waiting to see how much damage I do in New Orleans before I place an order. 😂

(How pretty is this teal colored Swiftly?!)

(I'm curious to try this one on since I love the pink and purple together)

(I actually really like this print, but I'm not a fan of fullux, I really wish they would release more prints in the nulu or nulux) 

(I've added this to my cart because it's so cute, but I'm also pretty sure I won't ever need this in Atlanta!)

(I also really like this in theory but would also probably never wear it)


  1. Glad y'all are having so much fun in New Orleans! I wonder how the fabric is on the desert teal swiftly, it looks extra slick (but might just be pics).

    My Down for a Run Jacket (purple) from 2 years ago is one of my favorite running jackets - it's so light weight and sooo warm once I get going (with nothing but a Swiftly under in 30F weather). I'm excited to see what the changes are this year and what colors it'll come in. Maybe a pullover this year too.

    Hehe I love the Toasty Toque Misty Pink too! It's so pretty and cute.

    1. I'm back! New Orleans was great.

      I still do not run outside... too chicken! Treadmill it is for me. =(

      Yeah, do you ever wear hats in Atlanta?

    2. So I've worn pom pom hats when we go to Avalon to walk around when it's cold... otherwise hats are too hot indoors, and usually we're driving somewhere, walking <1 min into store, then indoors. Ya know? :)

  2. I bought the misty pink beanie - ugh i couldnt resist the cuteness!

  3. I like the patterned scuba hoodie. I found the new version to be very high in the neck area. Have you tried it on?

    1. I did do a review comparing the Scuba III and IV. The IV is high on me when zipped up, but they all are.... even the III. I have one Scuba IV in the alberta lake color. I do wear it a lot and is one of my favorites. But my all time favorite is the heathered bark berry.


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