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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Short Sleeve Criss Cross Dress, Zephyr Tee, Banana Republic Sloan Pant

Happy Friday!! Friday is the best day of the week. Why? Because I know Saturday and Sunday I can sleep in. Once it's Saturday, I'm already dreading Sunday. 😂 This week has been really crazy. Kitchen renovation is still ongoing. Demolition took place on Tuesday. The cabinets are 90% finished. Monday we have a vendor coming in to measure the counter. Then we have to wait about two weeks for the counter tops to be cut. After that we still have to do the backsplash. Then I'm debating on having the entire condo professionally cleaned. I really do not do well with all the dust that's flying around. My asthma starts up and takes weeks for it to go away. 

Today is also my 2nd wedding anniversary! My husband sent flowers to my office and made all my female co workers jealous. 

After work we went to IKEA to return some things. Check out this super long IKEA receipt. It's almost as tall as me!

After that we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants for a quick dinner. I think we'll do something a little nicer over the weekend, or maybe after our kitchen is completed if we have any money left. 😂

So moving on to the important stuff! I didn't get to go to Lululemon as I had planned. I'm hoping to go to one over the weekend. For this weeks fit review, I ordered some Athleta pieces to try on. One of my readers suggested I try the Short Sleeve Criss Cross Dress.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. This translates to petite XS in Athleta.

Even with the petite sizing, this dress is still too big for me. The issue isn't the length. The hem hits above my knees, but it looks too shapeless and baggy. The fabric is very soft and silky feeling which I loved. I think this would be okay as a super casual piece to wear to the beach, but I decided it wasn't very flattering and returned it. 

 Next up we have the Zephyr Tee in linen. I have three linen pieces from Athleta and love them for work. I wear these underneath blazers and it looks very professional. I'm also wearing it with Banana Republics Sloan Pant in petite sizing. I have about 5 pairs that I rotate. I really want them in this dusty pink color but it's sold out in my size! 😤

Zephyr Tee Light Gray Heather Size XXS 
Sloan Pant Charcoal Size P0

The Zephyr Tee is semi fitted and skims over the body. I prefer tucking it in just a little bit to create a nice drape. Even at size XXS it's loose on me. There's a cute twist detail on the sleeve. The linen is soft. I'm pretty tempted to get this in navy as well. 

Wearing it with my Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag. Review here.

The Sloan Pant is seriously a must have if you're petite like me. I actually prefer wearing them with a wedge heel that makes it look very sharp. I leave my heels at work so I only had a pair of flats at my disposal for the photo shoot. The length on petite sizing is 26 inches. These are ankle length on me. These are mid rise and fits just below my belly button. The fabric is mid to light weight and very stretchy. One thing I need to mention is there are no front pockets. I need to have pockets but I love these pants, so I usually have to wear a blazer with pockets or a cardigan that has pockets for my phone. The price tag says $98, but I never pay full price for Banana Republic. I always wait for their 40% coupons. Just yesterday I ordered a blazer for work and used a 45% off coupon plus an additional 10% off if you use their Banana Republic card, which I have. I can't wait for it to arrive! Right now they have a 40% off coupon with code BRYOURS.

That's all for me today! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 



Banana Republic 
40% off with coupon BRYOURS



  1. Those solan pants look perfect on you! I have the zephyr tee in the rose and light blue. They are really nice shirts but occasionally feel a little scratchy to me. The breezy shirts are my absolute favorite! Super lightweight and comfortable. I have the tank which is a little long and billowy but still wonderful. The best are the breezy tees. They have a nice fitted look with a super soft fabric. So far they are washing well too! I am vertically challenged like you at 5'1".

    1. Thanks! I just added the Breezy Crossback tee to my cart! I'll be placing an Athleta order tonight. =)

      Maybe the linen will soften after a few more washes?

  2. Love the sloan trousers! I picked a pair up the last time I was in the US. Also love the flowers, how sweet is that! Happy Anniversary!

  3. I was hoping you might try on the summer haze pattern 7/8 tights if you get the chance to get to the store. I'm curious if they will pass the squat test since they are so light!

    1. Ok, I'll definitely let you know, that's one of the pieces I ordered. Should arrive sometime today!

    2. Hi! I got my order and will be returning the summer haze pattern. They are really nice but wasn't happy with how they looked on me. As for the squat test, I would say they are about 85% opaque. Definitely would have to wear nude undies if you are going to work out in them! Walking around they would be fine. The inside is lined white.

  4. Happy anniversary! Those are beautiful flowers! Hooray for progress on the kitchen! Hopefully time flies and you get to use your beautiful new kitchen before you know it! I really need to go try the Sloan Pants in store so I know what size I am. Thanks for the recommendation to the pants!

    1. Thank you!! If you do get to try on the Sloan Pants, let me know what you think of them!

  5. Thinking of ordering that Athleta dress but not sure whether to go with petite XS or regular XXS. Know some stores are kind of a size smaller in petite vs regular, but it's so hit and miss.

    1. I thought it was really roomy on me for a PXS. It is really comfortable though, so I wish it had fit me better. I think the XXS would probably be longer for sure. Could always order both sizes and see?


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