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New From Athleta!

Sometimes I really just want to get rid of my entire wardrobe so I can start new. After looking at Athleta's newest offerings, the temptation to do just that is strong. Not so much my collection of leggings, but most of my old summer tops probably need to go. I am loving their linen collection.

Hope you all had a great weekend! I can't believe it's May! Where does the time go?! In other news my Lululemon order won't arrive until Wednesday. It's usually 2 day shipping, I don't understand why this order is taking a whole week. Grr...... So this will delay my huge fit review Friday I was planning.  Bah!

(These look a lot like Lululemon's WU Pant Shibori print, but what's nice about Athleta is they offer petite sizing. Their petite length comes in 22 inches long and I might be tempted to try these.)

(Silver bells reminds me of Lululemon's magnum. Again, these are available in petite as well! Lululemon just as to come out with a petite section. That would solve so many of my problems.)

(I think I need this for work. This would look great underneath my black blazer.)

(Perfect summer shirt. I want this in navy too.)

(This kind of reminds me of Lululemon's Essential Tank. Looks easy to wear and I love the back drape.)

(This just looks so easy to wear, but I have a feeling it will still be too long on us petite girls, but it does come in petite as well, so I might order one to try.)

(I love this color, reminds me of marvel and I may have to get this too so I can wear it to work.)

(Is it bad that I already own three of these and I want a fourth? I literally wear them once a week to work. They're perfect if you're a little cold from the air conditioning and this keeps you warm and it's super soft. One of my co workers noticed and asked me how many I have. lol.)

(I'm not really into swim wear and most of the time I totally just ignore it and use an old swim suit that I have, but this short is super cute.)

(I would probably mix and match colors and this navy looks like something that would be easy to wear with most bottoms.)

What do you think of Athleta's newest? Yay or nay? If you're new to Athleta you can receive 20% off your first regular price item with my referral link.


  1. I couldn't resist shibori dupe and ordered one. I hope I get one with good placement!!
    I recently looked into my wardrobe and figured there are not much of none workout clothes. I looked some online and again, i found myself looking workout clothing. It's real problem now.

    1. Oh nice! Let me know how you like it.

      I don't have much non workout clothes either, but with my new job I do need some new items. Especially tops for summer. I'll probably end up placing an Athleta order this week. If I didn't have an office job, I would totally wear workout clothes all day long!

    2. I'm missing having an office job!! All my formal wears are from a decade ago. Lol
      While i love athleta's clothing I hate their shipping time. I'm spoiled by lulu's fast shipping.

    3. Sometimes Lulu takes forever too, like the order I placed last week is finally being delivered today. If you're a Banana Republic Luxe card holder, you can enter in the promo code LUXE and it will upgrade your Athleta order to 3 day shipping. I do that a lot. The code doesn't expire either.

  2. Ohhh Athleta's new offerings look nice - love the work-friendly tops! I can't believe it's May too... time is flying by. We move into our new house end of this month! You're order was so big, snail mail! jk. :P Totally get you about wanting to purge older stuff to make room for newer better stuff. Good luck with that!

    1. Oh wow! That must be so exciting to move into your new house! I remember you and Mike talking about that back in December and the time flew by.

      Thanks! I decided on getting rid of my CRB collection. =T It's slowing being off loaded.


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