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Fit Review! Cool Racerback II Wee Are From Space, Outrun 1/2 Zip Alberta Lake, Speed Tight V Darkest Magenta, Align Crop Black Cherry, Define Jacket Nocturnal Teal

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Hope you get spend some time with your loved ones before all the Black Friday craziness begins.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

I managed to go to the store earlier this week to do some try ons, so here is a quick review.   When I saw the new color wee are from space I decided to give the CRBII another try.

The fabric on this CRBII feels thick and a little bit on the stiff side.  I didn't find it to be very soft.  The fit is very definitely slim.  I do love the higher neckline, but I am still not a fan of the thin racerback.  So unfortunately I don't think I'll ever own a CRBII no matter what pretty colors these come out in.  

You can see the thin strap in the reflection in the mirror here.  

The front really looks good though if you're petite like I am.  The length is also prefect.  It hits right at my hips and there isn't a lot of extra fabric like the old version.  I dunno, maybe one day I'll get over the thin racerback?  Thoughts?

The fit on this half zip is loose.  I'm not sure I could have sized down.  It would be a maybe.  I will say the fabric is super soft.  The Rulu fabric is amazing on this color.  The color itself looks really pretty.  It's a dark blue with hints of shimmer if you look closely.  It's very subtle.  

From the side it looks a little too loose.  Next time I'll have to try on a size 2 and if it fits better.  

 I'm not usually a fan of 1/2 zips but if I were to buy one this would be the one

The color is super pretty, the photos do not do it justice.  

I also want to point out that the store had this zip up priced at $108.  Meanwhile online the price is $98.  So if you are to buy this at the store make sure you show them the online price.  They will honor the lower price.  

I tried on the Speed Tight V but I accidentally grabbed the wrong size.  I'm wearing a size 6 below in darkest magenta.  The waist is a bit loose.  Overall a size 4 would have been better but I was in a rush and didn't have time to ask for the size 4.    

The color is a nice medium dark purple.  You can still tell it looks purple almost reminds me of bordeaux drama but prettier.  The fabric is medium thickness.  I can't say how the compression feels like since this isn't the correct size for me.

The length is shorter than the previous version and I definitely prefer it.  Next time I will try on the brushed version.  I'm definitely curious about those.  But so far the new version get a thumbs up from me.  

I am a big fan of Align Crops and was curious about the new black cherry color since I already have the darkest magenta.  I wanted to see the comparison between the two colors.  For me, the black cherry looked more brown than red in these so they are different enough if you want to get both.  

Fit is the same as all my other Align Crops

Left is Darkest Magenta and right is Black Cherry.  I think this photos represents the two colors very well.  

Overall while I do like the black cherry, it wasn't love so I passed.  

On my way out I saw the Define Jacket in nocturnal teal and put it on very quickly.  The color is a very dark teal.  You can definitely tell it is a blue/green and not black.  The luon is medium thickness.  Out of all the new recent Define Jackets I think my favorite is still darkest magenta.  But I am partial to purples.  If the darkest magenta goes on WMTM, I'm grabbing it.  

That's all for me today.  Hope everyone has a blast!  Gobble gobble!  



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I missed out on in In Sculpt jacket online and now I may have venture out in craziness to find it tomorrow.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! I just placed a small order online. Not much that I wanted in WMTM.

  2. Happy thanksgiving!! I tried to love crb ii but the thin stem never look good on me either. I have one in jacquard blk/wht from sales rack at $19. I just wear them as a layer piece when it's cold since it has nice thick material. I have one crb pima and it's more forgiving. If you haven't, try it!!
    Im waiting for my speed v brush and ht brush. I ordered it after reading review here. I may keep only one that has better fitting on me. :)
    Ah..... where is my money tree.........

    1. Happy Thanksgiving! Hmm... I may have to keep an eye out for the pima cotten then.

      Ohhhh nice!! Let me know what you think and which one you end up keeping. I love hearing feedback. I may get the High Times Nulux to try. I do love Nulux...

      Agreed on money tree! =)

  3. Love the reviews 😊 did the magenta speeds have mesh on the back of the legs? I have been wearing my black cherry brushed speeds all week for my morning run, love them!

    1. Nope, no mesh on the back of the legs. Is the brush lining that much warmer?

    2. I love them 😊 it's not so much that they are much warmer but that they keep out the wind if that makes sense?

    3. Yes! Gotcha. Good to know if I ever run outdoors again I would get a pair of these in a heart beat.


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