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Upload! November 27th 2018

It is freeeeeeezing in Atlanta right now. It's like New York cold. Which means I get to break out all my winter accessories that I've collected over the years living in the northeast! I took out my Bundle Up Scarf from 2015 and wore that the entire trip in New York over the Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe I'll actually get to use my wolf hat this winter! Back in 2014, I actually looked like this! 😱 This upload is more about accessories even though the landing page of the Lululemon website features Heritage items which were mostly uploaded last week. I'm still debating if I should order the Transformation Wrap. Do I go with dark adobe or nocturnal teal? 

Did you order anything? What are you most interested in? Or are you completely shopped out? I'm not gonna lie, I kinda am....!! But at least my Christmas list is done.

(I kind of like this but I don't need another jacket in this style right now.)

(wish this was a more petite friendly length, although could get this hemmed. Hmmm.)

(I do think this has a lot of potential, need to see it in person)

(I have this in black from a long time ago. It's one of my faves, might pick this one up as well.)

(I have the Bundle Up Scarf in mink berry from 2015. I wonder if it's the same scarf? I really love mine, it's super soft and cozy- perfect for cold weather like now!)

(Speaking of mink berry.... such a pretty pink.)


  1. I’m interested in the Dark Chrome striped Vinyasa scarf but it’s not available in the Canadian site yet! :(.

    I love my Coco Pique stuff and especially my Vinyasa scarf. Not a navy person but love the gold buttons on the True Navy Coco Pique Vinyasa scarf!

    The Transformation Wrap is finally uploaded to the Canadian site and I’m also debating whether or not to order it. It’s pretty but I have two Boolix tops that I hardly ever wear, fearing that it will snag easily. I hate having to baby my clothing and am seriously thinking if I should get this wrap. I like It in Heathered Silver Drop most, and prefer Nocturnal Teal over Dark Adobe.

    Nothing for me and I’m hoping there will be another upload this Thursday or Friday.

    1. I haven't bought a new Vinyasa scarf in a while. The two new ones are pretty tempting.

      True about this wrap being delicate. I too have a few that I have to baby. And trust me with 4 cats with sharp claws, I have to be really careful not to let these pretty sweaters get mauled! I might as well wait until Thursday or Friday to see if there's anything new uploaded before I place an order. I'm also not sure if this would be a size down item or not. Hard to tell from the reviews.

  2. I bought the silver drop T wrap after not buying anything from Lulu for months. I debated the nocturnal colour but it’s so hard to tell the true colour from the web photos.. would love to see try on photos if you do get it.

    1. Could you please let me know how you like it and if it's a size down item? Thank you!!

    2. I will. I actually ordered the nocturnal teal as well today. I ordered the silver drop on Tuesday and it still hasn’t shipped. I think there’s a definite lag (Black Friday orders) as usually they manage to ship my orders by next business day.

      They posted a new photo on their main web page that featured it on a different model and it showed the colour being lighter and more blue so I’m hoping it’s closer to that colour. If it’s darker like the stock photos I might return.

      FYI I’m a 6 in defines and scubas, a 4 in swiftlys but ordered both T wraps in 2. I hope they fit. I didn’t want too much material in the body as some say this wrap can look like a sack from the back so that’s why. I hope they’re not too small. Baggier things like this I size down one or two.

      I have been a 2 in other items like the stress less pullover and back in action ls, and because this one is open in the front I’m hoping it works.

      I’ll let you know once I get them.. might be a bit of a wait .. I think they’re processing a lot of orders right now given the time of year!

    3. No worries about the wait, my credit cards need a break! I was debating about going a size down to a 2 just wasn't sure about the arms. Hopefully it won't sell out anytime soon! I think the nocturnal teal is really gorgeous.

  3. Nothing for me this upload thought the vinyasa scarves caught my eye! I like that chrome colorway a lot but I don’t wear my scarves that much just cause it doesn’t get too cold here. I like that transformation wrap a lot! I think any color you like best would be equally great. I am shopped out too at least for now hehe. Still waiting on packages to arrive so I can try on items!

    1. Yes I am feeling the same way. Would like to get all my black friday/cyber monday purchases in so I at least know what I'm returning before I order more!


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