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USA / Canada Upload! December 8th 2016

Lots of new hoodies uploaded tonight.  Nothing for me since I'm waiting for the Werkshop release tomorrow afternoon!

BTW did anyone notice Lululemon's stock shot up $9 today?  That's 15%.  Apparently, Lululemon's sales did very well, way better than expected.  Which is odd, because I've definitely spent a lot less on Lulu this year than last year.  But I guess there's always new blood.

(this one is actually kind of nice, but I'm on a hoodie ban!)

(I wish I liked the Free To Be Bra more)

and Canada got-

(almost tempted, just almost)


  1. I like flossy dark carbon and black tulle print but I can wait for md. I think my only purchase with original price is restless po for now. They are just too soft and pretty!!

    1. What is the material like? Is it tts? I am 4 in crb, 4-6 in jackets. Thanks!

    2. I agree, as long as you know your size you can def wait for WMTM on these items. Did you end up returning your High Times Pant Nulux? I'm still sitting on them. Those I think will sell out if not already gone.

    3. BTW, Bloomingdales has the Puma creepers in stock in the Burgundy. I updated my post!

    4. @amhersLulu It is thicker, softer, better version of swiftly I'd say. It is tts. It is tiny bit roomier than swiftly. I wear mostly size 4 in tops & bottoms and size 6 in swiftly and i got size 4 in these. Love the fit.
      @petite impact I ended up returning Iridescent HT. I will just wait for other solid color for it.


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