Australian Upload! August 1st 2016

August 1, 2016

Happy August!  Although not sure how happy everyone will be with the price increases I'm seeing over at the Canadian website.  I'm sure it will hit the US side very soon.  I admit some of the increases will price me out on certain items.  I'll have to be patient and hope things make it to WMTM.  Even so, sometimes WMTM prices are only $10 cheaper than retail.  I mean, what kind of sale it that?!

Let's move to the new product for this week.  I'm kind of excited by the new obscured black dusty mauve print.  I also really like the dusty mauve Define Jacket.  I wouldn't mind adding that to my closet.  We'll see what we get tomorrow!

Be Present Jacket in Heathered Slate (if I didn't have one like this already I would be all over it...)

Align Pant in Greyvy (digging this color too)

Wunder Under Short in Obscured Black Dusty Mauve (reminds me of Moody Mirage print)
I think I need to try on a pair of these shorts!

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