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Upload! October 30th 2018

Major upload tonight! I think this is the biggest upload of the year. Makes sense since the holidays are about to start. So much camo though! Do you love it or hate it? I think it actually works well in the grey version. I really like it in the Scuba Hoodie but I really need to stop with the hoodies already. I'm also interested the Align Short. There are lots of great gift ideas in tonight's upload. I wonder when the extended holiday return policy starts? Anyone know?

Let me know in the comments if there's anything you want to see a review of. I'll be placing an order soon!

(The color isn't this nice in person)

(Don't know who thought Aligns needed an even higher rise. Ridiculous, these would be up to my chest!)

(Love this color)

(I'll be honest, I am most interested in this item from tonight's upload! Anyone else?)

(Is this new? I love this metallic sheen) 

(Not gonna lie, I'm kinda digging this camo)

(This dress is back for winter? Odd.)

(I'm still sad that they no longer make these in 19")


(I think this is super pretty, would make an amazing gift!)


(Another nice gift for the holidays)

(This is interesting, but I think it looks like pajamas. Works best in black)

(Very pretty as well)

(Also in the girls section, a new color in. I wish it was a little bit darker but I do love purple may order these)

(Will I look too much like a little girl if I got this? It's super budget friendly, only $48)


  1. Only the enlite black in my size (it's been out of stock for a while and they finally restocked it). I have two in barely beige and love it for high support.

    I recently was in store and tried the align jogger, not my jam. Tried a ton of stuff and left with a short sleeve swiftly white/black stripe.

    you are so right about the adobe color not being as nice in person. I saw the vest when I was in store and you're right, not that special.

    those foil tights look fun though. Sigh I have enoughs tights, enough scubas... just want some fun colors and more transitional/work wear.

    1. I'm always looking for pieces I can get away with wearing to work as well. That's why I've been shopping a lot at Athleta. I've found a few, not many that are also work friendly pieces. I don't know that I would actually workout in those pieces, but they're pretty comfy.

  2. Dark Adobe in the Down for it All Jacket looks so much nicer in the website pictures! So glad you did a fit review and I must say the color isn't as vibrant in person.
    I'm interested in the Cloudscape Long Jacket Black but not the price tag. CAD$298 plus 13% tax is too much for such a simple jacket! I believe it's light and comfy but CAD$336 is really too much!

    I love Camo only in the grey mix but still I can't visualize myself wearing anything in Camo. I'm just too old for that lol! Might get a backpack in that pattern though, if they go to WMTM!

    I was interested in that Ivivva backpack too but thought it might be too small. 9L is even smaller than the City Adventurer Backpack Mini (10L). If you don't mind returning I guess you can give it a try cos the price is really good.

    I forgot what size did you go for Ivivva bottoms?

    1. The Cloudscape jacket looks so poofy! But also looks like it's warm. I agree that is a lot of money. Could find something similar for much less elsewhere.

      How old is too old to wear camo? I've been debating that myself as I inch a little closer to 40...

      I take a size 12 for Ivivva bottoms.

  3. I picked up the speed up shorts in camo as I still regret not keeping the hotty hots in camo from 2014 (so... hopefully never is too old for camo?)
    I also got the sport red scuba as 1) I was cold and 2) realization that I don't like the new dance studio cut and I should stop waiting for a DSJ in a red/berry/pink.

    I've purchased a few ivivva bags but I find them small. I'm the kind that orders but procrastinates returning.

    1. I am eyeing the Speed Up Shorts in camo too. I think in small doses camo can be okay.

      Ahhh I am the same way, which is why I only place one order a month from Lulu. That way I don't feel too overwhelmed to return all the time since I also order from other websites. Gotta spread it out.

  4. The luminosity foil WUCs are not new, I have a pair I bought in February on WMTM (in Switzerland).

    1. How do you like them? Do you wear them often? I'm a sucker for shiny things!


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