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Fit Review Friday! Reveal Tight Zen Expression, Sculpt Tank, Love Knot Bra

Happy Friday everyone! Have a quick fit review for you all today. I'm still on my ban, but I've been very good so far. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

(Currently on WMTM for $79.)

First thing that I must point out, these are maybe the first pair of Lululemon tights that actually fit around my thin ankles! These are very petite friendly in the 25 inch length. I will say these felt a little snug in the size 4 which is my normal size. Even so I would still say they are true to size though. 

The color vintage mauve is very pretty. It's a romantic kind of pink. I really like it. The lace is subtle and blends in well. Unfortunately these are fairly see through especially in this color. 

I also tried on the Love Knot Bra in vintage mauve. The bra with the Reveal Tight looks so pretty together. The bra runs slightly large. Unsure if maybe this one in particular was stretched out or not, hard to say. If you're thinking about getting this bra, I would order your normal size and one size down just to be sure. I found it to be very flattering on especially for smaller A/B cup! The color combined with the knotted detail looks beautiful together.

Last, I tried on the new Sculpt Tank in brushed spray dye. This runs very small. I could barely get it over my hips which is why there's no modeling photo. Definitely size up! I didn't have much time so I didn't ask for a bigger size. The color is pretty but I'm biased since I'm a sucker for purples.


That's it for me! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


 New to WMTM:

(love this blue.)

(I purchased this and love it! Check out my review here.)


  1. The reveal tight looks pretty but I have no interest in anything but aligns hahah! The purple sculpt tank is super pretty! I've been eyeing the scuba pullover but Idk if I wanna buy another hoodie.

    1. I'm the same way, I have about 8 pairs of aligns? But I only bought one new pair since they got rid of the 19" length. I have to get them hemmed now, which is annoying... I need to take about three inches off to make sure they fit around my calves.

    2. I’m addicted to Aligns as well and have got three patterned pairs which won’t show pilling as bad as solid ones. So far I’ve been lucky and my Aligns haven’t pilled.

      I have a pair of Shibori grey pattern WU Crop in Full On Luxtreme. Pattern is gorgeous but the feel is not as comfortable and I have to keep pulling the crop up.

    3. I'm happy you joined the Align club Andrea! I do think the pattern ones are not as soft as the solid colors. I only have one pair that's patterned and it feels a little more rough because of the print. Still love them though!

    4. Forgot to add, once you get a pair of Aligns, it is hard to wear any other tights!

    5. I love my Ice Grey Align pant and crop (you can tell I really like this pattern!), and they are soft like the solid ones.

      The Stride Emboss Black one, on the other hand, is thicker and not as soft, but I’ve always wanted a pair of black Align with subtle pattern so I quite like it.

      I totally agree with you that once you’ve got a pair of Align, you wouldn’t wanna wear any other tights lol!

    6. Ah sorry I missed the Ice Grey ones! They are really pretty.

      I have the Monocromatic Emboss ones, they aren't as soft.... but definitely still comfortable.


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