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Store Visit! Sculpt Tank Camo & Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Breeze Relaxed Fit

Dropped by the store for some quick try ons. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops.

Sculpt Tank Incognito Camo

They had the Sculpt Tank in camo which isn't on the website yet. I tried on a size 2 to see how it fit, it wasn't bad but maybe my regular size 4 would have been better. In any case, I didn't feel like I needed to have this so easy pass for me. I do want something in camo, but haven't found the right item just yet.

I've been meaning to try on the Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Relaxed Fit and finally spotted one at the store on final sale. It wasn't a huge discount at $54, but the black anchor seemed like a color I would always wear, so why not? This is my usual size 4 in Swiftly tops and I definitely prefer the relaxed fit than the original. 

Swiftly Tech SS Breeze Size 4 Black Anchor

This hits passed my hip, which means there's a decent amount of butt coverage if you're on the petite side like I am. The fabric was nicely thick and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it felt. 

I might have been able to fit into the size 2, but then I think it wouldn't be as relaxed and I definitely prefer the relaxed fit. I also like that you can pull up the hem for a shorter look. I already wore it for a workout and will definitely be adding more to my collection. I am probably going to sell all my Swiftly Racerback Tanks to buy more of these. I am eyeing the thunder blue color pretty badly!

In the back you can see I also tried on the Hooded Define Jacket that I also found on the sales rack but I still didn't like it at the $84 price.

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



  1. Thanks for the review, Leslie! I have two L/S Swiftly and had to size up cos the arms in my usual size 2 were really tight even for my thin arms. Did you size up with your L/S Swiftly?

    And did you size up with your S/S Swiftly? The armholes/arms are definitely more forgiving in the S/S version but the shoulders should fit the same I guess. Not sure if I should go for size 4 or 2 in S/S. Any advice?

    The Swiftly Tech S/S Breeze looks nice on you. Does the material feel different when compared to the original Swiftly? Is it more breezy? :D

    I’m kind of disappointed that we’re not seeing any French Terry Wraps so far. I’m not a big fan of knitted wraps which needs more care In handling and wearing. I hope Lulu comes out with a nice wrap before Christmas.

    1. I only had one LS Swiftly, sold it because I just never wore it but I stuck with my normal size 4. It was tight but I didn't feel like I needed to size up to a 6. Same with my SS Swiftly, stuck to my usual size 4. I've never been a size 6 in Lululemon. It's either a size 2 or size 4. Defines always size 4, Swiftly always size 4 only the loose fitting tops I can size down to a 2. But for fitted tops I'm always a 4. Does that help?

      For SS Swiftly I would probably stick to your true to size. Unless you're looking for a looser fit than I would try the Breeze Swiftly. It's just easier to move in I think and I feel like you can actually breathe in it! The regular Swiftlys always felt so restricting to me. I kept five tanks and sold the rest but considering selling them all now.
      The Breeze fabric feels a little thicker and a little softer than the original, it doesn't seem like it is mesh so I wouldn't say there's more air flow. I think the Breeze is meant for loose fit. I'm a fan! I think you should give it a try!

      I agree, I love the merino wool sweaters but they are rather delicate, I try to avoid my cats if I'm wearing one! hahahaha. Hopefully they will release some wraps for the holidays that you like. I had one French terry wrap from years ago. Wore it a lot, but it also pilled a lot. After 3 years I finally put it in the donation bin.

    2. Thanks, Leslie! Your advice is useful as always! :)

      I find the material for Swiftly a bit rough but since I wear them during winter only, it doesn’t bother me that much. Still debating whether or not I need it in short sleeves.

    3. I do find the Breeze version to be softer than the tanks that I have. I would give the short sleeve versions a try, you may like them for summer?

    4. I will check out both the S/S original and breeze versions next time I drop by a Lulu store. Thanks again, Leslie! :)

    5. Lululemon just had a sneaky upload!


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