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Review! Essential Tank Heathered Persian Blue & Breeze By Muscle Tank Dark Forest

I was going to post this up for Fit Review Friday, but then I had to drop everything and head over to New York. My grandma who is 95 years old isn't doing well. She spent Thursday night at the hospital and I was getting all these texts from my family about how she could no longer use her limbs. Her whole body became numb. They initially thought she had a stroke, but after a whole slew of tests it turned out to be negative. No one knows why she's can't feel any of her limbs. My grandma suspects it's all the steroid shots and acupuncture she had done a few weeks ago.

I was just so worried, I wouldn't make it to see her. At 95, you just don't know when it's your time to go. It really could be at any moment. I'm very close to my grandma, she raised me from the day I was born. We're very close and she's basically my mother to me. Seeing her like this is very hard. I hope over time whatever that was done will wear off and she will regain some feeling in her limbs.

Back to the review. This is my third Breeze By Muscle Tank. I'm not usually a fan of green, but I really like the dark forest color. It works nicely with my skin tone and goes well with my Speed Up Shorts.

Normally in loose fitting tanks I can fit a size 2, but here the size 4 since it's a loose fitting top. I like the fitted hem and the dropped armholes. Definitely keeps you cool during your sweaty workouts. The fabric is similar to mesh for air ventilation. This tank definitely has the potential to snag, so I would be careful washing it. Definitely stick it in a mesh bag to be safe.

The Essential Tank is another one of my favorites. This is my 5th one I believe. I'm a sucker for pretty blues. Most of my tanks are some shade of blue. Persian blue is very pretty soft blue. For this tank I fit into a size 2. I like the longer length and even though I'm very petite it does not feel overwhelming to me. The neckline shows exactly the right amount of skin. For me this is the perfect tank. It's also super comfy! 

Also wearing Align Crops 

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Give your loved ones hugs and kisses and lots of love whenever you can. Life is short, even at the age of 95. 



  1. I am glad to hear you got to see your Grandmother. I like both of the tops :)

  2. Family is everything and I’m really glad you made it out to see grandma. Thank you for even taking the time to do a fit review for us!!

  3. Hope your grandma makes a speedy recovery!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about grandma and I hope she gets well very soon! Both tanks look great on you! I never tried on the Breeze By tank and now I'm curious after seeing you wear it.


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