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USA / Canada Upload! August 16th 2016

OK, let me just say all this white, gray, black that's uploaded tonight is so not getting my money.  UK's upload was way better IMO.  I think the only thing I would like to order tonight are the Speed Socks just because they're colorful!  There's a lot that's new since this is the first fall upload, so I'm only choosing what I kind of like for this post.  I say kind of because a lot of it is meh IMO.

(I added these to my cart!)

(not sure what's going on with the website but I couldn't get any other photo but this one, while I like the color I would have liked it better if it was heathered)

(the color is lovely but I have too many Defines)

(way too much mesh!)

(most interesting color of the night! haha)

(I actually like this color for fall but I do have a few bottoms in this color already, hmmmm- I added it to my cart)

And for Canada we have another version of bordeaux drama for the Scuba Hoodie lol.

(I still can't get over the price increase on this one)

Did you guys get anything today?  I'll have a Fit Review up for you guys hopefully soon.  I took a ton of try on pics!


  1. I think i need some mauve color and will wait for another week for that. I like crb2 in purple and i maybe will get it of it looks good in person too. I will wait intil this friday when i visit the store. I just got my crb lace in size 4. Size 4 has way better fit on me than size 6. However its neckline is too deep on me. Im not sure if i keep it or sell on ebay.

    1. I love mauve, and agree I need some of that in my closet. I may order the purple just to see in person, but I don't think I would end up keeping it. I also got my lace CRB and just wrote a review on it! I didn't think it was too low cut on me. I'm keeping mine.


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