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Fit Review! Wake Up & Go Sweater Starlight

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I ordered the Wake Up & Go Sweater because I need a thinner hoodie for summer nights. I feel like all the Scubas and On the Daily Hoodie are all too thick. This one is the perfect light weight hoodie. It is made of cashlu which is a touch of cashmere. This is breathable and doesn't feel like it would be too warm for summer nights.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies. 

The fit is roomy even in a size 2. This is definitely a size down item. I normally take a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies and this is very roomy in comparison. 

Since the fabric is breathable with mesh like knit on the sides and on the back of the hoodie, I would be careful because I can definitely see it snagging. It's not super delicate but I would still be cautious. 
The price is steep- $128 but with the details of the sweater and it being mixed with cashmere, it's a luxe item in my opinion. The description on the website says this is machine washable. I would be interested to see if it holds up.  I would definitely recommend washing it inside a mesh bag to avoid snags.

As for color I chose starlight out of the three choices because I wanted something other than black. I did consider graphite green ever so briefly but ended up going with starlight. It's a nice neutral and I think can go with anything. To me it's a silvery blue/gray color. I think it's a very wearable color.

Verdict? I'm leaning towards keeping this. I love the details and the fact that it is light weight and made of cashlu. So far all sizes are still available. Will it go on WMTM? Possibly. 

What do you think of this sweater? Yay or nay? Let me know in the comments! 



  1. Didn't look that great @, but looks amazing on you. Now I think I'll order it to try. =D

  2. I’d be totally on this if it weren’t for the dropped hem in the shoulder. Those designs always choke my arms but I’m happy to save the moola

    1. If I had your arms I wouldn't keep them covered up! =D

  3. Ooo! I love how it looks on you! It’s one of those pieces that just have that extra bit of lux to make you look put together even though it looks simple or plain. It’s something I’d wear a lot. I haven’t tried it on but now I might go to a store... (:


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