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Upload! April 3rd 2018

I can't believe it's already April! This week there's a few things that interest me. Wake Up & Go Sweater is calling my name. Just can't decide if I want to try starlight or graphite green. I think it looks best in starlight or black though. Now the question remains do I stick with my usual size 4 or size down? I also like the new Scuba Hoodie Sashiko. I can't decide between navy or gray nimbus.  Also added a few tanks to my cart. I'll sit on it for a bit before checking out. Did you get anything from this upload?

(really pretty rose color)

(I wouldn't mind getting another one of these tanks but not a fan of this color)

(I love this tank from last year! Glad it is back with more colors)

(I think I may get this color)

(love this color too)

(I definitely want this)

(I guess culottes are back? I could never pull these off though)


  1. The UK got a beautiful eucalyptus green essential tank, I really hope we get it in the US. Also I LOVE that cherry/rose color, I think has a much more flattering tone that the Merlot that we’ve been seeing. I got the all tied up tank in so Merlot but still thinking about returning it, I’d much rather have this color. Idk the Merlot just washes my pale skin out. I’m also hoping for the return of the trapeze twist tank. Australia got a couple fun colors for their summer and it’s one of my fave style tanks!

    1. I have a similar green to the eucalyptus from last year. I think it was called peakcock green or something. I want the essential tank in cherry dust. I agree, the merlot washes me out too. The trapeze tank is cute but too high neck for me. I love how it looks though!


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