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Fit Review ThirdLove Racerback Bras

About three months ago I wrote a post on ThirdLove and ended up buy five bras. I've been rotating them and with the warm weather coming up I realized I am missing racerback bras to accompany tank tops. I ended up ordering three different racerback bras to try. 

I absolutely love this bra. It is so beautiful. The color twilight is the most gorgeous purple and the lace detail is soft and romantic. This bra is actually on sale right now and if you buy more the savings is even better. I'm actually debating if I want to get one more in this color. I've already worn it and the bra is very comfortable. The lace is not scratchy at all. This is a front closure bra with an adjustable band in the back. The straps are also adjustable on both sides of the shoulders.  I can't stress how much I love this bra. I've never had any bra like this one before. This is a bra that I would wear all the time. That's how comfortable it is. I actually think I like this bra more than the other ThirdLove bras I own. 

Front closure.

Adjustable band in the back.

I love the lace detail.

Adjustable shoulder straps for the perfect fit.

Memory foam cups, very light padding.

This one also has a front closure but unlike the precious bra, this one does not have as many adjustable options. I found the band to be a little too tight and the cups a bit too close together. I also did not like the color mocha as much as twilight. The lace however was just as soft. I ended up returning this bra. If you do like this style, I would suggest going up a size in the band and cup. 

Front closure.

Band is not adjustable.

One single adjustable strap in the middle.

Lined on the inside.

Similar to the lace version, this racerback does not have an adjustable band. However I found it to be true to size. The band is seamless and very comfortable. I really like this bra because it goes well with a lot of tank tops for summer. Here's a sneak peak at what is coming for Friday's fit review.

I've worn this bra and love how comfortable it is. Racerback bras have always been my favorite bras because there's no worrying about straps falling down and having to adjust them constantly once you find the right fit. 

Front closure.

Band is wide and true to size.

Only one adjustable strap in the back.

Overall I ended up keeping two out of three bras. I am definitely a fan for life and will be back for more I'm sure! If you would like to try ThirdLove, I would really appreciate it if you would use my referral linkIf you do, you'll receive $15 off your first order and I'll receive $15 to use towards a future purchase. 😊

Happy Monday!


  1. Could you show how both of the bras you kept fit with a CRB? Most of my summer wardrobe is CRBs and I'm always struggling to find a real bra that looks nice with them, and anymore my FTB bras aren't cutting it in the support department (am I the only one who's FTBs stretch out in the band and then feel like they're riding up all the time?)

    1. Sure! I'll do what I can, only thing is I no longer have any CRBs, I know right? I do have a Swiftly Racerback which is kind of similar.

      I tend to prefer FTBW bras over the FTB. Haven't had any issues with the bands stretching out.


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