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It's My Birthday So....

I'll post my handbag collection!  Before I became addicted to Lululemon, I used to be addicted to high end designer bags.  The amount of Balenciagas that have passed through my hands is ridiculously insane.  I'm amazed and embarrassed at the amount of money I spent on them.  I eventually had to sell them all, but I still have a small collection.

My first bag, Icon Navigator.  Purchased when I graduated from college in 2003.

At the time it was expensive.  $450 I believe.  I just love the image and the leather on the bag is still holding up.  I don't wear it anymore but it's a keeper.  

This is the only LV bag I own.  It's a Speedy30 and such a classic bag.  It's from 2004 and back then I paid $420 secondhand.  It's still in mint condition!  I can't believe this bag retails for $970 today!

I purchased this Coach wristlet in December when all the crazy sales were going on.  As you can tell I'm a huge fan iridescent colors!  I keep all my cards in there and it also fits my iPhone.

My favorite designer will always be Balenciaga.  The style and function cannot be beat.  It's light weight to carry, top notch quality in leather, it is the perfect combination of structure and drape.  I can wax poetic about Balenciaga leather all day if you let me.  This is my Balenciaga Metallic Edge Mini City in Teal from 2014.  I got this on discount from hgbagsonline.  You can't see the long strap in this photo, but it's the perfect size for going on errands and shopping while keeping your hands free.  

 Up next, this is my Balenciaga city in Bronze from 2012.  I was searching for this bag on eBay for a long time.  Found this one last year for $1100.  I don't mind secondhand as long as the condition is still excellent.  The leather is just amazing!

And my last Balenciaga is my Metallic Purple City from 2013.  I also got this off of eBay brand new for a steal!  I paid $850 for this one.  I couldn't believe it.  

Now onto my Alexander McQueen Knuckle clutch that I seriously lusted over for about 2 years before I found it on Zappos on super sale for half off.  How could I resist?!!  Oh and that is the only Hermes piece I own, the bracelet.  I forgot what it is called at the moment!  

This is my McQueen collection.  Well, actually I no longer have the bag on the top right.  I ended up selling it because of the cumbersome opening.  The bottom bag is my Silver DeManta Clutch that my husband bought me when we first started dating.  

 I saved the best for last.  My Chanel Medium Boy in Metallic Gray 2015.  The hardware is aged bronze.  The inside lining is a gold color, which isn't my favorite but the metallic gray color is just too lovely for me to say no to the lining.  I've had this one for a little over a year, and I only wear it for special occasions.  I think it's just too nice to be wearing it out on errands, but that's just me.

One day I hope to own a Hermes Birkin or Kelly.  I'll even accept secondhand.  It probably won't happen unless I win the lotto though!

Hope you enjoyed my bag collection!  I do believe in quality over quantity.  And only keep what you love!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope your awesome hubby has something extra special planned for you.
    Thanks for sharing your bag collection! It's a good philosophy to only keep the things you love. Unfortunately, sometimes in order to get to that point a lot of mistakes and regrettable purchases are made. Ah well, it's a learning process. Hope you win the lottery and get your dream bag one day. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I still haven't won the lotto yet unfortunately. I took out my Chanel for my birthday and Chinese New Year. =) Hope you had a great weekend!


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