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UK Upload! January 12th 2016

I'm kind of shocked at today's upload.  Slim pickings for anything worth posting.  They got a couple of new colors for the Think Fast Hoodies and the awesome Down For a Run Vest.  Maybe tonight my wallet will be safe!

Think Fast Hoodie in Space Dye Camo Black Slate

I know a lot of people complain that the vests are too shiny and most opted for the solid black.  Personally I think black is so boring.  But a good alternative would be this pretty blue.
Down For A Run Vest in Inkwell (my pick for the week)

Down For A Run Vest in Cool Breeze


  1. I would love for the Down For A Run vest or the Down For A Run Jacket to be included in the WMTM section like it was the case for the US/canada sites. Every time I come back home after a run, my skin is pink/red despite all the layers I have on.. :( However they seem to be selling well so they will probably be sold out.. I would not spend 178 pounds in something I use to sweat in :(

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    2. I'm totally with you there. I bought my vest on sale for $69 and I still think it is too nice to sweat in!


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