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Mark Down Define Jackets & Precision Jackets & In Flux Crops & Harmony Hoodie at Lenox Mall in Atlanta!

Super quick post for you guys.  I was at the Lululemon store today at the Lenox Mall and they had Define Jackets on markdown for $84?  They still had a lot of sizes left.  Double check the prices but it was definitely in the $80s range.

All the Define Jackets & In Flux Crops on mark down.

The In flux Crops were on sale for $79.  Also a lot of sizes but no size 2.

Define Jackets on sale.

They also had Precision Jackets on sale.  The purple one I'm wearing here was $74!!!  The black one was $84.  Not sure why there's a price difference.  

The black one looked like a blazer.  Totally cute!  $84. 

Precision Jacket in black Size 4

Oh and they also had the Harmony Hoodie marked down to $89!  I'm so annoyed I bought that at full price!  Oh well.  Hope you guys score something for yourselves!


  1. Just ordered a define in Deep Zinfandel for 79CHF (half price) online from WMTM in Switzerland 😊 so chuffed to get it at such a great price as it never seems to go on sale.

    1. Oh Lucky! They only had one at the store and it was a size 8. Congrats it is a beautiful color.


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