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Second Markdown on WMTM & More!

There are some great deals on today's WMTM.  First off there are some second mark downs on a few items.

(these would make for some great gifts for Christmas.  I'm just saying.  Stock up!)

(I do have a review of this here and here)

(If I waited I could have saved myself $20!)

I also picked out some favorites and some staples since prices have increased I think stocking up on some CRBs and Swiftly Racerbacks might be a good idea.

(I would have so bought this, but my size is already out of stock)

(Not much of a sale but I have 2 of these and love them, super tempted to get the blue)

(I ordered this and have a review here)

So I have been bad yet again and have some things coming to me.  I also have a fit review that's going up tomorrow!  Happy shopping everyone!


  1. I have ordered crb lace in fireside red size 6 and and lighten up bra. I might want to check out some more in the store tommorow. Good shopping today :)

    1. Lucky! Let me know how you like the CRB Lace. I am super bummed my size is sold out already...

    2. Somewhat most of fitted tank from lulu didnt work well with my figure. 4 is uncomfortably snug and 6 is too baggy. I hope it works this time. Fingers crossed!!


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