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Fit Review Friday! Wunder Under Crop, Yogi Everyday Tank, Precision Jacket

In lieu of What We Love I introduce Fit Review Fridays!  Not sure I'll be able to do this every Friday but I'll try my best.  I went to the store really looking for the Coast Wrap, but they did not have it in yet. I did however find the Precision Jacket in a size 6.  The 4 was extremely tight on me so I figured maybe the 6 would work.  However, the sleeves are way to long and overall it was just too much purple.

 Precision Jacket in Deep Zinfandel Size 6

I don't normally like Wunder Unders, but when I felt these in my hands, I had to try them on.  They fit perfectly and they're SO SOFT.  I did the bend over test wearing medium gray underwear and they were opaque.  I am however getting these hemmed!  They are too long and the ankles are loose.  I can't wait to get these back so I can wear them!

Wunder Under Crop in Wee Are From Space Nimble Battleship Size 4

Last I tried on the Yogi Everyday Tank since I love these, but I was wowed by the blue color on me.  The pima cotton is so soft though, hard to say no but I did!

Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Rugged Blue Size 4

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Happy Friday the 13th.  lol.