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New Werkshop Leggings! Zen Garden Chapter 1!

As you all know I'm a huge fan of Werkshop leggings.  This Friday they are releasing their new line up called Zen Garden.  Here are the new releases.  They go on sale at 10am eastern time.  I'm eying the Geisha print.

Geisha full length

Geisha crop

I love the pink, the cherry blossoms, the geisha face.  However I think I prefer the full length version of these instead of the crop.  The full length has the extra detail at the bottom of the ankle that's missing from the crop.  

Crane crop

Crane full length

My second favorite from this collection is the Crane.  I love the color palette, very summery and pretty.  However I'm not totally convinced I would know these are cranes that are on the legging?  It's hard to see.  As for the length, I think I would be okay with these being crops since they are kind of summery and all even though you lose some of the flowers at the bottom.

Panda full length

Panda crop

The last two prints are Panda and Lantern.  It's interesting that the Lantern print only comes in the crop length.  Overall, Chapter 1 of Zen Garden does not disappoint!  I look forward to adding Geisha to my collection of Werkshop leggings and possibly the Crane as well.  I can't wait to see Chapter 2.  Which one of these is your favorite?  If you're looking to buy one on Friday be sure to be online at 10am.  I can see these selling out quickly in the popular sizes very fast.  

Lantern crop

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  1. I ordered the crane crop. Super excited! Did you get the geshia crop or legging? See some of the sizes are selling out on both the crane and geshia print. Can't wait for the reveal of the new patterns and the photos from shoot later today!! Have a great day and thanks for the great blog!

    1. I couldn't decide if I could pull off the Geisha legging. And of course they sold out in my size haha. But I can wait until they restock. I'm eyeing the Crane crop as well, since they still have size small in stock. I may wait until I see the new patterns before I place my order! Thanks for stopping by!


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