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A year in review. Best of 2017!

Happy Friday babes! The holidays are officially over and it kinda makes me sad, but I also love starting a new year. It's like wiping the slate clean and starting fresh again.

Here's a list of my favorite purchases of 2017. I tried to do a top 10, but it ended up being a baker's dozen. I spent a lot less money on Lululemon in 2017. If anyone is curious, I spent a total of $2,703.03 on Lululemon. $1,572.53 on Athleta. (I keep a very detailed excel spread sheet of all my purchases all year long. Trust me, it's scary.) A good chunk of Athleta clothing was actually purchases for my office job. Like this Studio Wrap.  I wore it constantly in the hot summer months. I now own three of them!

(And they just released a new color I want in Abyss!) 

Living in Atlanta, it is pretty sunny all year round. On the weekends I wear my contacts and I'm so glad I found a pair of sunglasses that not only look great on me, they are also really really comfortable. 

Sometime in August, I decided to train for a 10K and if not for these socks, I would have never been able to do so! Seriously, they are a must have for runners. They are a little pricey but so worth it. I found that you can buy them on sale at

When fall finally arrived in Atlanta, I found myself grabbing my coco pique Define Jacket constantly. It's also a great piece to layer with. It's just so soft and comfortable, it's become my favorite Define Jacket. 

When Werkshop released Ode To The Moon leggings, I couldn't decide between the full length and the crop version. So I ended up buying both! I kid you not! Now that I've worn both a few times, my absolute favorite pair of Werkshop leggings for the year, goes to Ode To The Moon full length version. I love wearing it out casually with my high tops. 

This year J.Crew came out with something called the sweater blazer. I purchased three in September and have been wearing them to the office ever since. I'm eyeing another one in navy!

I recently wrote a review on these Athleta girl Everyday Jogger and seriously, one of the best purchases of the year. I have finally found a pair of joggers that fit me!

I have a lot of Lululemon bottoms, but the one style that I constantly reach for are the Align Crops. I've noticed that Lululemon now offers them in two lengths. Nineteen inches and 21 inches. Most people probably wouldn't notice this, but I'm short enough that it concerns me. All of mine are 19 inches. I believe they are phasing out the 19 inch length, which really makes me sad. 

An oldie but a goodie Align Crop

During the hot summer in Atlanta, I pretty much went for Breeze By Muscle Tank constantly. It's my new favorite for the super hot days. It's so airy and breezy, like I'm not wearing a top at all!

Another recent purchase is this hoodie by Athleta girls. It's pink and super warm and cozy. I swear I love it more than Lululemon Scuba Hoodies. 😱 In fact I'm wearing it right now as I type up this post. With the crazy cold weather the entire country is experiencing right now, I love anything warm and cozy. 

(Plus it has rose gold zippers!)

2017 also marked the return of Balenciaga bags. Just to give you some background, I used to be a Balenciaga collector back in the day. And to give you an idea, I used to own probably close to twenty something Balenciagas. I ended up selling almost all of them and regretfully so. Recently, I started to hunt down the old bags from 2003-2007. In my opinion those were the years with the best colors and leathers. I mean look at this beauty. She's from 2003, which means she's about to turn 15 years old. She's well seasoned yes, but still has so much life left and the more broken in these bags get, the more character they have. I've been scouring Fashionphile and eBay mainly. Hoping to find an oldie for a price I can't say no to.

Lilac 2003 
Look at that leather!

While we're on the subject about handbags and purses, another favorite purchase of mine this year goes to the Marmont bag by Gucci. I purchased the size small in the nude color and it is a classic all year round color. The size is great for everyday.

Saving the best for last. My absolute favorite purchase of the year goes to my Rogue 25 tea rose bag by Coach. This year I discovered Coach has a premium line called Coach 1941 and I've been obsessed ever since! I've been using this bag constantly. It's great for work if you do not carry a lot. If you do carry a laptop they have a different versions of this bag that will fit a laptop. 

and a bigger version with the melon on sale for 50% off!

I plan on doing a separate post on handbags in the near future, so I'll wrap this up now. What are some of your favorite purchases from 2017? Can be anything! Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. I totally love "athleisure" clothes that can be worn to the office! I love your list! I still have yet to try Feetures socks even though so many people rave about them - I tend to run holes into the tip of my big toes and am hesistant to buy expensive socks.

    Yesss to the Coco Pique Define! Aligns are definitely classic good ones. Love your bags! Happy New Year!

    1. Yes! That's the best of both worlds.
      You should definitely just buy one pair to try out. I have been wearing mine all the time and haven't had any issues yet.

      Happy New Year!! We should try and meet up sometime when it's not so cold!


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