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Boston Warehouse Sale !

My alarm went off at 6am this morning so I could get ready to go to the Boston warehouse sale.  I arrived around 7:20am and the line was already a few hundred people deep.  Just makes me wonder if people camped out at midnight!  The sale started on time and I was able to get in around 8:20 am which wasn't bad.  My initial reaction to the sale was a bit of disappointment to be honest.  I'll admit that this was my first warehouse sale so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The racks of clothing were categorized by either tops or bottoms and then by size which made things so easy.  I did not see too much outerwear in general.  Definitely no Scubas or Define jackets.  I saw one down jacket in a size 2 but it was gone by the time I doubled back to look at it again.  I hoped to see some running crops, but instead there were tons of In the Flow Crops.  I picked up a pair in the bordeaux and gray.  I didn't bother to try anything on as I pretty much knew what size I am in bottoms and tops.

Here's my loot for today!

 I'm happy with everything except the Roll Down Boogie shorts in the moody mirage print.   They are  too tight on me.  The purple fog Boogie shorts have a black mark on the back which I'm very sad about.  I didn't notice it until I got home.  I absolutely love the purple vinyasa scarf I picked up!  For $19 who can pass up a soft snuggly scarf?

The checkout line was pretty long after an hour and a half from opening.

I will say they were very organized.  However once your purchase was paid for the cashiers removed all the tags from the items.  I think it is to prevent returns and possibly resale?  I wasn't sure.  I didn't ask.  

Here's a photo of the prices.  

Overall I'm happy I went, and would probably go again if there was another one I could easily get to!

Was anyone else there today?  What did you buy?  I would love to see!


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