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Store Visit Today- Fleecy Keen Jacket III, Base Runner Pant III, Turn Around Tights, On The Go Toque!

This week I'm in NYC and went to the store today.  I went in there looking for a pair of running pants for the colder temperatures and tried on a million things.  The Base Runner Pant III were disappointing on me.  They are not meant for shorties like me.  (I'm 4 feet 11)  I tried on the size 2 and the 4 and both looked pretty awful.  These are off my wish list.

Dark Fuel Base Runner Pants Size 4

Bordeaux Drama Base Runne Pants Size 2 shown with Dramatic Static Define Jacket. 

Next up- Fleecy Keen Jacket III in Wine Berry.  I fit the Size 2 nicely, however I have an issue with how stiff the patches where the pockets are.  I liked the double layer zip in the front of the jacket and the fleece was soft, but because of my short torso, the fleece bunched up in the back.  So unsure if I would be willing to pay $200 for the jacket, but maybe if it hit WMTM which I doubt since it seems like the website is almost sold out in all the colors except for the Wine Berry.  

Worn with Pace Rival Crops in Giant Herringbone

I'm most excited about these Turn Around Tights.  I didn't think I would like them when I saw them on the hangers but when I put on the Herringbone ones I fell in love with how soft and comfortable they are.  Now the dark seams aren't my favorite but they're growing on me.  I also tried on the Bordeaux Drama and love them too.  One of my friends said the Herringbone ones look like long johns so I take it they're not the most flattering, but if I'm going to use these for winter runs I don't think I'll care about how I look as much!  I haven't decided if I'll keep the Herringbone or exchange it for the Bordeaux.  These are high rise and have a drawcord in the waistband.  I did find the drawcord a little bothersome in the Bordeaux, but didn't feel it as much in the Herringbone, maybe because of the slightly thicker material.

I tried them on again when I got home and don't think they look bad.  Pictured with Bark Berry Scuba.

I also picked up On the Go Toque Wine Berry.  Looks super cute on and I like that it can be worn double layered or single.  The material is a soft merino wool.  

Speaking of merino wool, I did see the On the Go Scarf in person and decided the contrasting shiny zipper clashed with the merino wool.  It isn't noticeable in the pictures shown on the website, but it definitely bothered me in person.  I much prefer my Bundle Up Scarf!