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Bark Berry Scuba III

On my way to the local Lululemon store I stopped to take a picture of this.  Brighton is really pretty.

The store did have the new bark berry & deep camo Scuba Hoodie III.  I tried them both on and decided the bark berry looked prettier and was more flattering on me.  I took home my usual size 2 in this.  Both colors are super soft.  I think I would get the deep camo if it made it to WMTM, but it will probably sell out.

LuluAddict has some great photos of the bark berry Scuba here.

The color is hard to capture accurately in photos, however I will say the Lululemon website has it right.  It is a gorgeous pink and I especially love the rose gold zipper.  It's a nice added touch of luxury.

The store didn't have the new swiftly in heathered desert teal, so I placed an order when I got home. I also bought the Fluffing Awesome jacket I've been eyeing in the camo.  It was already sold out of the smaller sizes when I checked the store.

I saw the Fleecy Keen Jacket in person and wasn't too impressed.  I definitely don't think it's worth $200.  Didn't bother to try it on, although  maybe next time I see it I will.

Friday, I'm going to the Boston Warehouse Sale!  Very excited!  It's my first Warehouse event I'm attending.  Anyone else going to be there?