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Upload!! for 10/21/2015

Not a whole lot that I really like this week, but nevertheless some goodies to report from today's upload.

I do want to try these WU luxutreme crops but I'll wait until I make it to the store on Thursday.  I haven't seen the teal space dye in person yet but maybe they'll have them when I go.  Curious to see if I would like either one.  However between the two, my pick is the pink flash light menthol.

Next up are the Run Speed Shorts in the clouded dreams.  I've been waiting for this print to hit the US.  I have 4 pairs of these shorts, and wouldn't mind another.  And yes I actually do wear these for running.

On the Go Toque beanies look great in all colors.  My pick is the wine berry and forage teal.  

The green would go nicely with the new Vinyasa scarf.

I'm kinda digging the Turn Around Tight, however not sure if I like or dislike all the dark seams.  It's one of those you have to see in person.

The US finally got the mink berry color in the Bundle Up Scarf even though I've had mine for weeks. I absolutely love mine.  I use it as a shawl, not so much a scarf.  

The Savasana Scarf looks really cozy and cute but not sure I'm willing to shell out $48 even though they are merino wool, but seriously?  $48 for socks?  

The Wine Berry Daily Practice Jacket I picked up for my sister's Birthday.  Hopefully she doesn't read my blog!

So for tonight's upload I didn't order anything for myself but I may end up picking up something when I visit the store on Thursday.  Did you get anything?  Would love to know!


  1. You mentioned that you had a daily practice jacket. Do you feel like it's too long on you? I just saw it in my size in stores on markdown, and I'm debating it -- I'm 5'3, so it felt a tad long when I first tried it on. Also do you like it? And do you wear it often?

    1. Hi there! I do have the daily practice jacket. I'll upload a photo for you.

      Take a look at the first 8 photos. That's the burgundy one I bought for my sister and the herringbone for myself. It covers my butt, but I think it looks fine. I did size up to a 4 since it's very fitted around my hips. my hips are 33-34 inches. the size 2 wouldn't even zip up lol!

      I haven't worn it since it's super cold now, but I do reach for it when it's around 50 degrees or so.


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