October 13, 2015

Pretty excited by today's upload.  My top picks are the two new colors in the Scuba Hoodie III.  Heathered Bark Berry is my favorite and I will probably pick that up.  The heathered deep Camo is a very close second.  I don't own anything dark green.

I'll probably also get the heathered desert teal in the swiftly unless it is too similar to heathered blue denim.  I'll bring my blue denim to compare when I go to the store tomorrow.  Last week when I compared my poseidon crb to the new heathered dark navy crb I decided they were too similar to own both and I actually preferred poseidon.  I'm hoping for the same outcome in the swiftly tanks.

I also really like these Base Runner Pants but I don't think they're worth $108.  If they were $88 I might've considered buying them so I hope they end up on WMTM.

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