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Fit Review Friday! In The Moment Shirt

I cannot believe how fast the week has gone by. It's Friday? Again?! How is everyone doing? I have just completed a full 2 months working from home. I have to admit, I really like it. There are a lot of pros but also some pretty major cons as well. One major pro- I can clean throughout the day instead of just on weekends. The downside, I am not getting any kind of walking in and I really just want to go out and have a relaxing dinner with my DH already!

I have a pretty great review but it's apparently already sold out on the website! I was going to re-order in the black color as I found the shirt to be see-through. Edit - black is now back in stock! 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops.

In the Moment Shirt White Size 2

I really like this top. I'm wearing a size 2 because my normal size 4 was already sold out by the time I placed the order.  I do think this shirt was a return when I received it because it came in a ripped up plastic bag and is fairly wrinkled. The material is super soft. The fabric is very flowy and drapes well. I particularly really like the yoke on the back. It's very different and really makes this top stand out from all my Lululemon pieces. The length is also really nice even on petites! I can see myself wearing this at the office and out for date night.

As for sizing, it's a very generous fit in the body, however I do think my normal size 4 would have been better in the shoulders. As you can see from the back, it looks too tight around the underarm. I would stick to your true to size top. The size 2 wasn't uncomfortable because of the stretchy fabric, but visually, you can see it is a little tight on me.

The best part? It has pockets! I love that little detail. I think this outfit looks simple but effortlessly cool. I'm also wearing my Rothy's Mary Jane flats which is a cute pairing. It's an outfit that will draw the eyes from top to bottom.

Black is back in stock! Oh yeah!

As for WMTM, I'm super stoked the Warm Down Crew finally went on sale. It is the comfiest pullover I have ever tried on and I do not like pullovers in general, so that's saying something.

(All four colors are on sale. I've been stalking this to go on WMTM ever since I tried it on at the store. So excited to get this!)

See my review here. I actually decided to go up a size because of how short the length is.

 (pretty print.)

(I tried this on in the pink one size down. Very soft. Tempted to get the gray. See my review here.)

(I tried on in lunar rock. I like the fit. See my review here.)

(Looks like some sizes are back in stock. Absolutely love this. Stick to your true size.)

(For those interested, see my review here. I thought it was very comfy, but didn't fit me quite right in my true to size. Might be a size down item.)

That's it for me! Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Surprisingly the In the Moment Shirt looks nice on your petite frame! Agree the fabric is sheer but it’s probably why it’s light weight and flowy. The shirt does look a bit tight around the underarm, but then the shoulders might be too wide and the sleeves super long in size 4 I’m afraid.

    I just checked and white is sold out on the Canadian site. :(. Are you going to try the black one in size 4?

    1. Sigh, what to do... I really like how it looks in the white but I agree the size 4 may be too big in the sleeves.

      WHY do I have to have big shoulders LOL LOL.

      Yup I have the black one coming. Maybe I will hold onto the white one until the black one arrives and see.

      The white color sold out so fast! Keep checking though it may pop up back in stock...

  2. The shirt looks so chic on you! I gasped when I saw the first photo. I also think size 4 may be too big everywhere else on you. White is a better color given the style IMO if it is not too sheer to be out of your comfort zone. A nude color bra or camisole can solve the problem. I ordered both white and black in size 4 hoping that one would work for me. I think white is completely sold out now.

    One of my recent returns took more than 4 wks. I used the online chat option which took about 30 min wait time. I was told that the new normal processing time is 10-15 business days. So after 3 wks, they will credit your payment. I am holding on to my last two pieces that are going back since stores are supposed to open soon in MA. I also have to pick up a pair of leggings that were dropped off for hemming right before the store closed in March.

    1. When your order arrives let me know what you think of the white vs black. I do think the white looks really nice, but I am not sure I would be able to keep it clean either, I'm a super klutz when it comes to food.

      One of my returns is taking about 3 weeks so far. Hopefully I'll get my credit back soon. I am with you might be better to wait until the stores reopen again.

    2. Having emailed back and forth, I finally got my Canada Post return label via email a week later. They kept sending me a FedEx one and drove me nuts. Tried calling customer service a few days ago but got hung up after waiting in line for and hour. It was really frustrating and making me hesitate placing a new order.

      Luckily there was no line up at the post office today. As long as the items were posted, I don’t mind waiting for a refund.

  3. Love your blog! I'm 4"11 as well and I can't even begin to say how helpful your blog is when it comes to buying lululemon! ❤

    1. Hi Ashley, comments like yours always make my day! =D

  4. That shirt looks great on you and I didn't know it had pockets! There's been so many sale items I want on Lulu I can't buy them all D: lol!

    1. Same! I've spent quite a bit on Lululemon and Athleta this month! =T


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