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Fit Review Friday! Warm Down Crew, Align Crop, Scuba Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! I'm very excited about today's blog post. I think the Align Crop in the purple mini space dye looks really cute with the Warm Down Crew. But first, let's discuss the Align Crop.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

The first thing I noticed when I tried these on was the fit. These fit tighter than the nulu fabric. The herringbone has a knit like texture with a tight weave. They feel thicker with minimal stretch. That said I would still stick to your regular size in Align bottoms.

I think these are super flattering which is why I took a million photos. Unfortunately if you're petite like I am, the baggy ankle syndrome is still there. I am tempted to purchase these if they make it to WMTM and then have them hemmed. Although if I just wear them with my Ugg boots, that would also work nicely.

The inside is lined with a dark purple. These are completely opaque and passed the bend test with flying colors. You can also see the texture of the herringbone knit in the photo below.

I do not normally like pullovers, but when I felt how soft the Warm Down Crew was I could not resist trying it on. This is a semi fitted and fits true to size. I would not size down in this. I found this to be very petite friendly especially the length. The sleeves are a little long, but I still think it works.

This felt so soft and airy when I tried it on. It's a light weight pullover and the inside feels like fuzzy fleece. So comfortable. If there was ever a pullover made for me, this would have been it.

It has a slightly boxy cut, but I found it to be very feminine and pretty especially paired with the Align Crop. I think this outfit is really cute together. It's currently out of stock in the smaller sizes but the Go Forward Pullover is also a nice alternative. I didn't purchase this top because I don't wear pullovers at all, but I definitely loved how it looked on me.

I just find this outfit to be so flattering!

Sleeves are definitely long.

Last thing I tried on is the new Scuba Hoodie polar lights print. This print is so pretty and gorgeous that I had to try it on. I am wearing size 4 and I now prefer my hoodies in this size. I used to wear a size 2, but I feel they're too tight these days. 

The print is lovely but it does have a lot of imperfections. The ribbing shows a lot of white underneath that bugs me to death. The below pictures show the white parts in more detail. 

Definitely a big no-no in my book.

That's it for me! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


My WMTM picks! 
I have fit reviews for a lot of these items so I'll post my review links.

(I am soooooo tempted to buy this, but the sleeves are super long. Can I have them hemmed?)

(Very warm as long as you do not care about how you look!)

(I kinda like this, but I also think it's plain looking.)

(This looks so soft and comfy.)

(I actually have a review of this coming up!) 


  1. It’s a shame that the Polar Lights Scuba has the white showing through the rib, I have a similar problem with my Petal Pop Scuba and it gets little wear because of it. I know white tends to make colors on top pop a lot more but no one wants to see the white showing through on such a pretty pattern.

    I have the All Yours Zip Hoodie in Spanish Oak and Larkspur, I like this hoodie a lot, it’s very soft and comfortable. I prefer it over my Scuba hoodies in terms of comfort. It’s a looser and slightly boxy fit but I love the softness of it.

    Thanks for the reviews! Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh yes, I do remember you having the All Yours Zip Hoodie. Did you size down, or stick with your usual size? I'm considering it because I really love the Spanish Oak color.

    2. I sized down one size, probably could have gone down two sizes though.

    3. Oh wow. Good to know, thanks!! Didn't realize it runs that big.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The blue scuba hoodie looks really nice on you, but I agree, the fade to white on the ribbing is terrible. The aligns are very pretty too. I haven't bought much Lulu recently since I have so many hoodies, jackets and leggings.
    Thanks for the fit reviews - they are so appreciated!

    1. I'm trying not to buy as much this year. I have so much like you, so only adding if it is something I either need to replace or something special. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Thank you so much for your fit review on the Align Crop, Leslie! It looks really nice on you! I might go try it out in the store cos even though I love space dyed print, what I love most about my Aligns is the buttery soft Nulu. Remember how you didn’t like the tight fit of the Cross Waist Align Crop in space dyed print? This looks like the same material to me.

    Yes shame about the white background color Lulu used for the lovely Polar Lights print and also the new Ornamental Floral Multi print I am interested in. It just ruins everything, I understand that a light background color makes the print pop but maybe they could use light blue for Polar light and light pink/lilac for Ornamental Floral Multi that wouldn’t look as bad when shown through the ribbings.

    I got the Vinyasa Scarf in Aqueous Ikat Jacquard Light Chrome Dark Chrome on WMTM which is very pretty. The material is on the thicker side and the feel is not as buttery owing to the jacquard texture, but it looks more sophisticated and the color goes well with warm tones. It actually looks amazing with my Radiant Jackets in Heathered Spanish Oak and Heathered White!

    1. Ohhhh I really like that Vinyasa too. It's already sold out on the US side. I can imagine it looks great with the Spanish Oak color! I love the Radiant Jacket in it and wish the sleeves weren't so long. Do you think there's any way they could take that in?

      I would try on the Align's if you really like the mini space dye. They are very flattering on.

    2. I think they can shorten the sleeves for you but not sure if they could keep the thumbholes, it’s like when they hem the Dance Studio Pant, they cannot keep the drawstrings. I remember thinking of hemming a curved hem tank but was told that they could only hem it straight. Go figure!

    3. I was pretty bummed when I found out about the straight hem only on a tank! Hmmmmm.... I will think about the Radiant Jacket some more. I really love it in that color...

  5. I've been reading your reviews for over a year now. I'm 5'1" (size 2-4), so your reviews have saved me lots of money and time! About the Radiant Jacket, I just bought one off WMTM in the garnet colour. While I love it, the long sleeves are driving me a little crazy. Please let me know if they would take it in, or if I make it into a store before you, I'll let you know what they say. If they won't shorten the sleeves, I may take it to a tailor. Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment! It's why I do it.

      Do let me know if you happen to stop by before I do. It's the main reason I haven't bought the Radiant Jacket. I guess a tailor might be able to shorten it as well. It's another option!

    2. I stopped by over the weekend and asked about the sleeves on the Radiant Jacket. I was told they can shorten it but will lose the thumb hole and cuff details. Bummer!


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