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Fit Review Friday! Serene Travels Bomber Lunar Rock Reversible

I can't really say Happy Friday anymore, can I? I'm so glad this week is over. Although I think next week will be the same as this week. Staying cooped up in my house as been fun, but I think I may get cabin fever by the end of the month. Things are so strange these days. I'm trying to be upbeat about the situation and purchased a pair of fuzzy Ugg slippers since I'll be home a lot now. 

How is everyone? One thing I did notice about staying home is I'm getting a lot more wear out of my athleisure clothing. I'm in aligns or joggers all day. They're a step up from my pajamas. 😂 But just as comfortable. 

Today I have for you a fit review of the Serene Travels Bomber in lunar rock. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. 


I'm wearing my usual size 4 in this bomber. Fit is true to size. I took a ton of photos of this jacket because I was very torn. I loved the color, it's like a gray lilac. If you're a fan of purple and gray this is a very nice mix of the two colors. It's also reversible which gives you two different looks in one jacket.

My main issue is the length of the sleeves. They're very long. I don't think it looks horrible, but they're almost at the length where it can get a little annoying having to constantly push them up. 

I really do like the textured side of the jacket. Visually I think this side is more flattering than the typical smooth bomber side, which you'll see next.

The back looks fine. 

I do find the jacket to be flattering. The reverse side is smooth and a little plain to be honest. It doesn't look bad but I definitely prefer the textured side.

This jacket is medium weight and I think it would be good for spring temperatures, but anything above 70 degrees I think it would be too warm. This is also water resistant, so it would be perfect for spring showers.

What do you think of this bomber? Yay or nay? The price is $148 which I think is a little steep, but if it were to go on WMTM, it would be a lot more tempting.


I also got to see the In Orbit Jacket at the store, but it was a size 4 and waaaaaaay too big, I didn't even bother trying it on. I would be swimming in a size 2 as well. I think I would need a size 0 for it to look decent. 

As for WMTM, I noticed a couple of my favorites are on sale.

(I wear a size 4 in this tank.)

(I love this color.)

That's it for me! Stay safe everyone. Be good! See you all on Monday.


  1. Thank you for your posts~ With all the changes happening and sad news all around, reading your posts relaxes me. Keep up the good spirits and stay in good health!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. Hopefully the world will return to normal soon. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. I’m feeling the same. The only positive thing I’ve read so far today is your fit review lol!

    Lunar Rock is such a pretty color. The Align Crop was sold out in my size (size 2) in just a few days and I wish I got it fast enough. This jacket, however, is not attractive to me at all. I personally think there’s nothing special about this jacket apart from the texture. Definitely not worth $148.

    Maybe you should consider picking up knitting again if you have nothing better to do lol!

    Take care, stay safe, and stay positive!

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Yes I love lunar rock. It really is a great color. I will pass on the jacket I guess, it's definitely not worth the full price.

      Hah! Not a bad idea.... I'll think about knitting again!

      Take care my friend!

  3. I love that lunar rock color and the jacket is cute but the quilted pattern is alright. I want some more aligns especially in that dark grey but I'm trying not to buy too much LLL full price. It seems like so much just goes on markdown.

    1. I agree, Unless it’s something I really like, I would wait and see if it goes to WMTM. Prices of Lululemon are too steep these days.

    2. Agreed with you both. Trying hard to not pay full price at Lululemon anymore.

  4. I really like the Lunar Rock color, it’s a beautiful neutral and is very flattering on you!

    1. Thanks! I will probably add something of lunar rock to my collection. Will be waiting for WMTM though.


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