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Fit Review Friday! Find Your Unwind Pullover & Essential High Rise Trouser

Happy Friday everyone! It's been a crazy week. Life as we normally know it, is not the same anymore. I was supposed attend a symphony hall concert Friday night but it's been postponed to a later date. There have been talks about working from home. Hopefully everyone will stay safe and healthy during this crisis. It's a crazy time to be alive. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this in my life. I don't think anyone can recall seeing anything like this at all in modern times. 

Anyway, onwards to the reviews! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

I don't normally like pullovers but this one felt so soft to the touch I had to try it on. I sized down to a 2 in this one and it's a very generous and roomy fit even in the smaller size.

It's a bit shapeless and boxy on my petite frame, but my husband still thought it looked cute on me even after I pointed out the line going across my tummy area. Sometimes I really question his taste. 😆 That said it is very comfortable.

I do like the collar, it can be rolled down or up.

The sleeves are a little long but they do have thumbholes. For the price of $108, I think it is very steep. I would say it's probably worth it if it made it to WMTM.

Next up, Essential High Rise Trouser. I wanted to see if I could find another pair of pants for work. I'm wearing my usual size 4 in these.

The waist fits true to size. I wasn't crazy about all the pleats. I definitely prefer flat front pants. The thigh was super baggy on me and then the pant leg tapers to the ankle. Kind of reminded me of MC Hammer pants! Does anyone remember that? 

Overall, not a fan of these pants. They do have one interesting detail. There are double pockets. There's your normal pocket and then there's a hidden zipper that opens up to a smaller pocket to hold something like your ID or cash. Cute idea. For $138 I would say pass. 

In other news, I did place an order for the Rest Assured Hoodie in washed garnet. It finally made it to WMTM! Based on the reviews, I ordered the XS. I'm very excited since I've been eyeing it for over a month. I'll have a review up next week for it! That's it for me! Wash your hands and don't touch your face!


WMTM - over 600 items!


  1. Question my taste all you want. I obviously have awesome taste given that I married you.

    1. OH gawd of all the posts I write, you just happen to read this one?!!! =D Love you!

  2. The above comment made me smile. You have a lovely husband!

    My husband is a federal government worker and we are hoping his office gets the green light for full time telework!

    I like that color of the Find Your Unwind Pullover and I don’t think it’s too boxy on you! :) I just ordered two new Scuba Hoodies in the Wild Bluebell and Dark Red colors.

    1. Hehe, I'm very lucky!

      We actually just got an email from the CEO mandating a work from home test week starting Monday but I am not prepared as I don't have a laptop or a way to work from home remotely. =T

      Those colors are super pretty in the Scuba Hoodies. I've been trying to avoid buying Scubas these days! Have too many.

    2. Let’s hope things get back to normal soon!

      I have way too many Scubas myself, but I’ve lost a bit of weight from working out and decided to reward myself! :D

    3. Same here.

      That's awesome! Definitely something to celebrate! Keep it up!

  3. Things are starting to get worse here in Canada. This morning my husband and I went to Walmart and you would think the store was robbed! No toilet paper, kitchen towel, wet wipes, frozen veggies, boxed salads etc. Very low stock in dairy products and some fresh produce. It’s just insane!

    The pullover doesn’t look bad on you but the seam across the tummy is a deal breaker to me. Your husband is so sweet, and I can tell you have good taste too. ;)

    The pant reminds me of what my mom used to wear twenty years ago lol. Pleated pants are tricky and they can make you look like you’ve gained ten pounds. I finally ordered the Align Crop 21” Cross Waist in Diamond Dye Stargaze Pitch Grey at WMTM. Not a fan of the darker color stitchings but I just can’t get over how comfy the fabric is, and the print/color is super pretty.

    I hope this COVID-19 drama will be over soon, and that lives will be back to normal. I have a feeling, however, that things will get very bad (at least here in Canada where the federal government cannot offer good leadership) before it gets better. Let’s pray and try to stay positive!

    1. Same here. I've never seen the stores ransacked like this before. It is getting scary.

      Ohhhh let me know how you like the cross waist. I liked it but thought the back was a bit too high on my short torso.

      It's not much different in the US. Each state gets to decide if they want to go on lock down or not! But I hope it will pass soon too. Stay safe!

    2. Received the Cross Waist Crop but it’s defective with stitchings coming off. :( The back is okay but the waist does fit a bit tighter than regular Aligns. The print is very pretty though. Too bad it’s sold out so I won’t be able to exchange for another pair.

      You and your family take care and stay safe as well!

    3. Are you going to ask for a refund? I received my Rest Assured Hoodie and it arrived with a giant hole in it. I'll take pictures and post them tonight. I chatted with an educator online and was issued a full refund for it.

      Same to you! Take care.

    4. Sent them an email and awaiting a reply. I’m okay if they can find me a replacement but if not, I’ll ask for a refund. What’s wrong with their product quality these days?

  4. That pullover is really cute on you especially in the pink! :D


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