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Fit Review Friday! Inner Glow Short and Ready To Roll Crew Dye

Happy Friday! Another week is over. I've got a couple of new items up for review. Everyone is talking about the Inner Glow Short and Soft Ambitions Short (which I have coming). I want to know what the hype is all about. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

Edit - I've posted comparison pics of the Inner Glow Short in size 2 vs size 4 in a new post

(Currently sold out but check for restocks in the morning, it's how I snagged these.)

I ordered both a size 4 and a size 2, but the size 4 didn't arrive until today and I didn't get to take photos of it. The waistband on the size 2 is definitely a little bit too snug on me. My hips are 35 inches and I did have to give it a good tug to pull it over my hips. Otherwise  the size 2 fit pretty well over all. The size 4 fit in the waist, but it was much bigger everywhere else. The leg opening was too wide and not flattering. I don't have big thighs, but wish I did because it would make these shorts look better! My thighs are pretty average. I think they're 20 inches around.

I found the fabric to be a very soft cotton terry. Great for lounging or light exercise. For the price $68- they have to be amazing and I am not sure I feel that way! The inseam is 3 inches long and they do flatter my short legs in the size 2. Does anyone care to see the size 4? Let me know in the comments. I can take photos this weekend if you want to see comparison pics, but neither size worked for me so they are both going back. 

I like the pockets on these.

Next up we have the Ready to Roll Crew Dye in true navy. I wanted to try this in lunar rock, but the size 4 is currently sold out. This is a relaxed fit sweatshirt and I would say this is true to size. I probably could have sized down to a 2, but I like the relaxed look. The fabric is a little stiff but still comfortable. The one thing I didn't like about this is how small the neck hole is. I'm not a fan of anything too close to my neck and would always tug collars down.

I liked the length of this sweatshirt. It hits right at the hip and the sleeve length isn't overly long. There are no thumbholes though. I'm always kind of bummed when there aren't thumbholes. 

I liked how the acid dye looked, but on closer inspection the fabric looks really kind of old and worn. I'm kind of surprised. Definitely not something I'd want to pay $118 for! 😑 

That's it for me! I'll be back on Monday with more reviews. Things are definitely taking longer than usual to arrive. I hope it's worth the wait! Have a great weekend everyone! Stay safe out there.


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  1. Thank you for the review, Leslie! I was interested in both the Ready to Roll Crew and Inner Glow Short. Both look great on you! I do see how tight the neckline of the RRC is. At this price point, everything has to be perfect. I would love to see the IGS in a size 4 on you. I have been going with size 4 in shorts (typically 2-4) to fit my waist lately since I hate anything tight on me.

    1. Will do! I'll have some comparison photos up for Monday's post. I'm the same way- it has to be comfortable I dislike anything restrictive these days.

    2. I've posted new pics of the size 2 vs size 4. Let me know what you think!

  2. Thank you for the review, Leslie! I was interested in the Inner Glow Short but the price was putting me off. It looks cute on you though the waist fits a bit tight. Size 4 will be too big I believe. Both of the Lulu shorts I ordered have tight waist and everywhere else fitted perfect.

    I love how the crew looks on you but agree the neck opening is too small, I remember trying on a size 2 cotton terry Lulu sweat and couldn’t even get my head through LOL!

    1. You're totally right, the size 4 is a bit too big. More comfortable for sure, but doesn't look flattering.

      SMH don't know why they make neck openings so small. Maybe the turtleneck fans like small neck openings? I haven't worn a turtleneck sweater in ages.

  3. The inner glow shorts are cute for you but I guess the comfort makes them worth it? I can't get myself to spend that much on it.. yet. Maybe in a cute color. The ready to roll crew looks comfy and cute! I don't like high necklines either and also keep tugging them down throughout the day like some of my LLL hoodies. I found the All Yours crew isn't tight and the loosest collar is the Perfectly Oversized.

    1. The size 4 is definitely comfortable but not flattering on me. Plus I do think you can find something similar for less. Maybe I should try... lol

      Yes I did like the Perfectly Oversized Crew, very comfy. If it goes on mark down, I def would get one! Haven't tried the All Yours Crew, but good to know.

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