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Fit Review Friday! Swiftly Relaxed Short Sleeve Dapple Dot & Essential Tank Pleated

Happy Friday! What a week! We had an early upload Sunday night and a gigantic sale that started last night. Is there really going to be five days of markdowns? Will there be new items added each day? I hope not. Because that will kill my bank account. 😆

So today I have a fit review of the very popular Swiftly Relaxed Short Sleeve in dapple dot and the Essential Tank Pleated in incognito camo silver drop alpine white. Which unfortunately it looks like both items are currently sold out. I hate when that happens. I've linked to other colors that are currently available.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. 

Swiftly Relaxed Short Sleeve Dappled Dot Size 4

This is one very special Swiftly. The dapple dot is super fun in person. This version in particular feels extra soft. Once I had it on, I knew it was a keeper. I'm wearing my usual size 4 and I find this to be true to size. If you love purple like I do, this top goes very nicely with a darker color purple bottom. 

Also wearing On The Fly Short. I'm wearing my usual size 4. 

It also works well with almost any color because of the dots. This shade even works with teal colored shorts. I'm planning on wearing this Swiftly casually as well as for working out. I definitely prefer the relaxed Swiftly tops over the original slim fit. I dislike fitted tops these days!

Also wearing Athleta Girl All Play Farallon Short I'm wearing size XL/14.

What's really gorgeous is the inside. It's literally the color of skittles and rainbows. I would love to see Lulu release a Swiftly like the inside! It's gorgeous!

Isn't it beautiful?!

The short sleeve version is already sold out, but there's a few sizes left in the long sleeve.

(Sizes are going fast!)

Next up we have the Essential Tank Pleated. Here I'm wearing a size 2. I usually size down in this style. 

Essential Tank Pleated Incognito Camo Silver Drop Alpine White Size 2

I bought this on WMTM and super glad I did because this one feels extremely soft and kind of spongey. I wore it during my workout and love it. The back is pleated and the Lululemon logo is no longer at the back center anymore but there is logo on the bottom left hem which of course can't be seen in any of my photos! 

The length completely covers the bum which is nice. Sometimes I do think the length is a little bit too long. If this tank was any longer I don't think I would like it as much as I do.

That is it for me! Have a great weekend! Happy shopping everybody!


In other news, Athleta is also having their semi-annual sale right now. My credit card is getting a workout. 😅 Here are my favorite picks.

(Have this in two colors. Very lightweight and comfy.)

(This is one of my favorite jackets from Athleta. I have this in rosario pink.)

(This is probably my favorite pair of Athleta pants.)

(Super cute and soft.)

(I think this is perfect for Zoom calls.)

(This is beyond soft so I totally want this.)


  1. I love that dapple dot swiftly! The camo tank is so cute too!

  2. I hate it when, by the time your review is up, the items you reviewed are already sold out LOL!

    The Dapple Dot color is so pretty and I love the color combo/pattern on the underside as well! Would be nice on a pair of Align Crop! Too bad my size is sold out in both the Swfitly L/S and S/S. No luck!

    I’ve been thinking of getting the Essential Tank Pleated for some time and it’s really cute on you! Too bad the camo print is also sold out in my size! At least my wallet is safe! :)

    1. I know I hate it too! Things are selling out so fast these days. It's there one day and gone the next. I do sometimes check early in the morning for returned items to restock. Sometimes I get lucky.

    2. I got lucky today, Leslie! Went to a Lululemon store to return the shorts and got the Key to Your Heart Wrap for CAD 49 plus tax! The wrap is substantial and slightly heavier than I wish, but it drapes beautifully and the blue color is gorgeous! I’m going to find out the many ways to wear it!

    3. Ohhhh! Is it the same size as the regular Vinyasa Scarves or is it bigger? You're definitely tempting me to add it to my collection! It sounds lovely.

    4. Bigger for sure! Great as a shawl!

  3. Replies
    1. oh wow, thanks for measuring! that is pretty big. Looks like the US website only has the black in stock. The blue/gray sold out. I'm so bummed!

    2. Ink Blue is really pretty in person!

  4. ooooh glad someone else got the Incognito Camo Essential tank!! looks great on you and now i'm REALLY excited to start working on next week in this piece =D. I also took this in a size down 6 (i usually prefer 8 for roomy tanks), and i didnt know if the pleated part in the back look too stretched or not on me...but seeing your photo - it looks great and the pleated pattern def stands out, which means sizing down was the right call! =P the colorway is so gorg and luon is an interesting fabric. cant wait to hear about what your fave items were that you scored during this July sale!

    1. Thank you so much! It's a really nice piece I was pleasantly surprised how much I like it. For the sale I purchased the Rulu Rally Wrap in both colors and the Rogue Renegade Hoodie. I have already reviewed both in the past. I wanted the Rulu Rally Wrap forever but didn't want to pay the full price!


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