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Fit Review Friday! Fleece Flurry Jacket & Noir Crop

We made it through another week at home. This is my second week working from home and I have to say I'm kind of loving it. At first it was weird, but now I have my routine down and I'm getting more comfortable. There are a lot of pros working from home. I'm literally in super comfy clothes all day long and I have not put on make up for two weeks. I think it's better for my skin to be honest. Cons - are also plenty. Not being able to move around as much is not good. I have been trying to get more workouts in because of it, but it's really not the same. But at least I'm safe at home! Hope you are all staying inside as well. 

Onto the fit review. I'll be covering the Fleece Flurry Jacket & Noir Crop today. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms.

I was actually surprised at how much I liked this jacket. I found this jacket to be true to size (I'm wearing my usual size 4) and I find it flattering. It is definitely fitted but with enough stretch that I can move around comfortably. The inside is lined with fleece which makes it extra cozy. 

I really liked the hood, it is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. I also really like the reflective details on this jacket. There are some along the pockets and on the back of the jacket as well. Great for running, although I don't know if black would be the best color to run at night. It's also available in mink berry (very pretty pink).


There are thumbholes and as usual the sleeves are pretty long on me. Overall I think the price at $168 is fair considering all the details. I think if it ends up on WMTM, it would be super tempting. 

Next up we have the Noir Crop. I'm wearing my usual size 4, but the waistband is very tight. I think I would definitely size up in this crop. I could barely get the waistband over my hips.

This is made of a woven fabric and is medium weight. It is fairly substantial and feels high quality. The length is good for petites but I don't think it's very flattering. The price of $98 is a little bit steep in my opinion. 

Overall, not a huge fan of this crop. I think the On The Fly Wide Leg Pant is better. This will probably be the last store fit review for a while. I had to spread this store visit out to make it last a couple of blog posts! 


That's it for me! And if you happen to be in a shopping mood here are my WMTM picks. Rakuten has 11% cash back today!

(Absolutely love mine and I got the XS. Photos here and here.)

(Does anyone have these? They look really comfy.)

In other news, Athleta is having a 25% off sale as well. Use Code: GOODVIBES.

Here are my picks-

(This reminds me of Lululemon's Sincerely Yours Wrap but easier on your wallet.)

(This reminds me of Lululemon's Seek Stillness Mid Rise Crop but with a better price after the 25% discount.)

(Comes in petite too! Have this in my cart.)

(This is my favorite purchase of the month. I have photos here and here.) 

Stay safe everyone! Have a great weekend.


  1. I like the Fleece Furry Jacket on you! Very flattering. I agree with you on the Noir Crop, it’s too big and a little sloppy looking on a petite frame.

    I have a few things from Athleta in the volcanic violet color, I think it’s quite pretty in a subdued way.

    Thank you for the continued reviews! Something fun to look forward to amid all of the ensuing chaos in the world. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!

    1. I think I would consider getting Fleece Flurry Jacket if I find one on WMTM.

      I ended up purchasing the Studio Crops from Athleta... the reviews are fantastic.

      You're welcome! Will try my best to keep up with the posts throughout this chaos. Stores are closed which will make it a little bit harder. Stay safe and be well!

    2. I have the Athleta Studio Joggers in black, dark red and mineral brown, they are super soft and very comfortable. They kind of remind me of pajama pants but with a cute top and some sandals, they can be dressed up very easily!

    3. I wanted the mineral brown but they completely sold out! So i got the black and the gray. I'm excited for them since I'll be working from home until further notice. hehe.

  2. It's great seeing reviews from another petite person! I'm a bit bigger than you at 5'0" and size 6 in most items - I always find it tough to gauge how an item will look on me since all of Lululemon's models are super tall and most reviewers are quite tall as well. Your reviews are greatly appreciated.

    I actually got the Fleece Flurry jacket on WMTM this past winter - I was surprised to see it make a comeback immediately after! I love it - hopefully it hits WMTM soon so you can pick it up as well.

    1. Hi Evelyn, thanks for dropping by! I'm always happy to hear from other petite gals!

      What color did you choose for the Fleece Flurry Jacket? I wonder if I should stick to the black or go wild with the pink... that is if they end up on WMTM.


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