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Review! Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandoulière 25 Monogram Washed Denim


I'm super excited to share this bag review with you all. I love my vintage Balenciaga bags, but over the past couple of years I've really started to appreciate some of Louis Vuitton's bags which is no surprise really, given that Nicolas Guesquière was head of Balenciaga from 2002-2012 then replaced Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton in 2013. Nicolas remains as their creative director to this day. Most of my LV bags are Speedy bags and this is my first Keepall. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. 

Monogram Washed Denim

This bag is seriously the perfect size. It can hold all of my everyday items and then some. Please check out my video to see a more in depth review of what fits and how it compares to my Speedy 25. 

I went with the Monogram washed denim for a more casual look. It also looks and feels vintage because of the slightly worn faded denim. It also feels brushed and very soft which I love. The crossbody strap is removable and adjustable. The strap is actually a guitar strap. It's wider than what I'm used to and it's also very soft and molds to the body. It's super comfortable. I really enjoy swapping the strap and using it on my Speedy 25 bags. 

You can carry this bag a couple of ways. Crossbody is my favorite way to carry it. It's so easy to just throw the strap over your shoulder and go. The other way is to carry it by the handles. The handles are quite small with only a three inch drop. I'm not able to carry it in the crook of my arm, but I can get it to my mid-forearm. 

Let's take a closer look at the details of this bag.

Here's a close up of the washed denim. It has a slightly worn in look with the denim looking a bit faded. I personally love it. The denim is a light blue with some gray undertones. It comes with a retro luggage tag, which is very cute as the Keepall is known as a travel bag. 

Size 9.8 x 5.9 x 4.3 inches
(Length x Height x Width)

When I first saw this bag, I didn't realize it was from the men's line. I just saw it and loved the size and the look. The black monogram Eclipse version looks really hot, it may be next on my list! 

Hardware is silver. There are D rings on the side of the bag where you attach the strap. The blue leather wraps all the way around the bag. The bag is made up of two pieces of denim connected at the bottom of the bag.

The zipper has wider teeth than my Speedy 25 and it does take a little bit of force to open and close it. You definitely need two hands to do so. I may try and put some wax over the zipper to see if I can get it to run a bit more smoothly. 

The inside is lined with blue textile fabric. There is one slip pocket on the inside. I can fit my everyday items with room to spare. The bag is also light weight, I can wear it all day with no complaints. 

Keepall 25 vs Speedy 25

The Keepall 25 has the same length as the Speedy 25, but it's shorter in height and depth. Sometimes I feel the Speedy 25 is too big for my everyday needs, whereas the Keepall 25 is just perfect. 

Both bags are the same in length. Height and width are the biggest differences. 

The Speedy 25 has much larger handles, but the handles are in proportion to the bag size. 

That's it for me! I hope you found this review helpful if you're looking to a Keepall 25 or Speedy 25. They're both great bags and I'm so happy to add the washed denim to my collection! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!


Louis Vutton Keepall 25 via





  1. I love the washed denim! Looks perfect and fun for summer. I like bags but don’t love bags and thank goodness cause I couldn’t afford the be into clothes, makeup AND bags xD -Janessa

    1. HI Janessa! LOL. Bags are my biggest weakness. I can forgo make up and *most* clothing if I have to for my bags!

  2. What a cool bag! The guitar strap is the best part; it makes the bag look badass :) I quite like the more prominent zipper - it adds to the overall aesthetic of the bag. I agree, it's the perfect size for an everyday bag, and the denim makes it very wearable, in my opinion.

    1. Hi Lola! Thanks, yeah the strap is so versatile I love attaching it to my Balenciaga bags too. The denim is fantastic. I'm definitely a fan of denim, I used to not like it so much.

  3. Beautiful bag Leslie! This is off topic but can you possibly do a fit review on the Vuori Mackenzie Cropped Shirt Jacket and the daydream crew? Thank you so much! Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, they're out of size XXS in the Mackenzie jacket, so it's going to look oversized. Let me know if you still want me to try it, I think since it's cropped and boxy it won't look as good on a small frame. I can def order the Daydream Crew though, it looks to be more fitted in size XS.

  4. This is a more thought out design in my opinion. They joined two panels at the bottom so the fabric design is upright on both sides, while the other denim bag has one side upside down. I also like how they centred the pattern to have the monogram between the handles, so neat and symmetrical! The strap and tag that comes with it are great added bonuses. Good find!

    1. Hi AC! Yes, the design is better on the Keepall, I did talk about that in my video. I love that the monogram is centered, just very well done! The strap I think is the best part of the bag, I've been using it on almost all my other bags!

  5. Really cute bag and I love the guitar strap! Sidebar question though - I also love the cropped cardigan you’re wearing in the photos, is it from Naked Cashmere?

    1. Hi there, yes it is Naked Cashmere. Here's my full review on it. I really love it!

    2. Thought so - thanks!


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