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Fit Review Friday! Ebb To Street Long Sleeve, All Yours Short Sleeve Tee, Ribbed High-Rise Jogger 7/8 Length, Side Cinch Long Sleeve Crew

Happy Friday! I'm super excited to choose a winner for my giveaway! I'll be announcing the winner around noon Eastern Time on Instagram. Contact will be made via DM. I do hope it's one of my long time readers! 

Today's review consists mostly fit requests from readers. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. However for this post, I sized down for quite a few items. 

also wearing Athleta Balance Jogger Size PXS (my review)

I love the Ebb To Street line. I have a few of their bras and crop tanks. I'm wearing my usual size 6 and found it to be comfortable. I have a fairly short torso and it's still cropped in the front. The length hits a couple of inches above my belly button. The built in bra fits similar to the Ebb To Street Crop Tank. I chose black and it masks the lines of the shelf bra. Some of the lighter colors are see-through, so definitely be cautious if that would bother you.

I love the fit except for the sleeve length, they are pretty long and there's a lot of fabric bunched up around the forearm and wrist. There are no thumbholes, which is a little disappointing for $88. 😱 I think this is a bit expensive for what it is. For me, this was a return since I never wear long sleeve tops. Also $88 is pretty steep for this. If it had thumbholes, maaaaybe I would say it might be worth it. Perhaps on WMTM? 

I've been curious about the All Yours line for awhile now. This tee is a medium weight, super soft Pima cotton fabric. I love the color Capture Blue. It is stunning in real life. However the tee doesn't do much for my figure. I found it to be quite shapeless and oversized even though I sized down to a 2 from my usual size 4. The short sleeves are quite long and wide. The length is also very long, it hits my upper thighs and covers my bum.

The neck opening was comfortable, not too tight. This top does look much better tucked in. I was almost tempted to keep it just for the color, but at $58, I didn't think it was quite worth it. Perhaps I'll reconsider on WMTM. I do think there are better tees out there for less.

also wearing Ribbed High-Rise Jogger 7/8 Length which is up next!

Okay so this next review I made a boo boo. I forgot to take a photo of these joggers from the front! Ugh, I'm so annoyed at myself. I actually took two photos of the side profile. I totally apologize and I had already sent these back before I realized my error. 😓 These are in fact the most petite friendly Lululemon joggers I have ever tried on and I have tried on A LOT. 

These are the most tapered bottoms I've ever seen from Lulu. They measure 27 inches in length which is a little long for me, but they still work. The leg is nicely fitted and not too baggy at all. I sized down two a 2 from my usual 4 based on the reviews I read. As you can see they fit my waist only because it hits the smallest part of my waist. The waist is high-rise and for those who do love high-rise these are for you. The waist band sits about an inch above my belly button. The color Heathered Black looks like a dark charcoal gray in person. 

You can see here that the waist sits very high up the back and there's a little bit of extra fabric underneath the waist band. I did have to adjust the waistband to get rid of the extra fabric.

There is a drawstring to customize the fit, but for me these fit perfectly at the waist, almost a little too perfect. The fabric is a soft textured cotton with a little bit of stretch. These joggers feel very comfortable and cozy. I would say they are medium weight and perfect for lounging around chilly days. They aren't lined with fleece so I don't think they would keep you super warm outdoors during the colder months. They are probably more of a fall jogger if worn outdoors.

I am personally not a fan of high-rise, but these are the most petite friendly joggers I've tried on from Lulu! These are supposed to be 7/8 lengths but are full length on my petite frame since my inseam is only 26 inches on a good day. 

Last but not least we have the Side Cinch Long Sleeve Crew in Ocean Air. I was very surprised at how much I liked this top. I'm not usually a fan of long sleeves since I run hot, but the feel of the fabric is so soft and so silky to the touch I would have kept this if it was in a color I would wear. Ocean Air is just a little too pale for me. This only comes in two other colors- Wisteria Purple and Black, neither which I am tempted by. I would love to see Lululemon release this in Iron Blue or Merlot/Mulled Wine.

I sized down in this as well. I'm wearing size 2 instead of my usual size 4. The sleeves are just a tad too long, but it's not terrible. The fabric is very soft, and also on the thin side. You can see the bra lines. However once I cinched up the side and tied it in a pretty bow, it won me over. I think it is quite flattering even on my petite frame. 

How pretty is this?

The back doesn't look as cute as the front.

One thing I will note, from the side profile it does give a little belly bump because of how it's cinched and drapes. You can also see the same bump on the models on the website. But overall, this is still a winner in my book. 

I tied the bow a little lower in the next photo and it still looks very beautiful. This is a gorgeous top paired with leggings. The price is a little steep at $78, but for the comfort and pretty design of the bow, I say it's worth it. I'm kind of surprised it's not sold out! 

Before I sign off, Simi is annoyed that I did not announce it was her birthday. She is the first of the gang to turn four years old! She's our little princess of the bunch and wishes she were the only furkid in the house. 

That's it for me! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and if there is a fit review you would like to see, leave me a comment below! 



  1. Thanks for the review, Leslie! The ebb to Street LS looks good - just wish it's a couple inches longer in length and shorter in arm length like you said! The side cinched crew looks good on you too! I agree with you that the pretty bow on the side makes the whole top a lot prettier. I kinda wish it's a bit slimmer fitting though...! I wonder if Lululemon would do a straight hem on the sleeves? No reason why they wouldn't, right?

    1. Hi Blueberries! I'm sure Lulu would do a straight hem on sleeves. Haven't done it myself but I don't see why not.

  2. I liked the ebb crop on you. Fits well. I just wish lulu would make less crop tops. I purchased the cinched top, tried it on and returned it. Took too much work to make it look cute. If left undone, it just looked like a regular long sleeved shirt. You’re right though it did cause a stomach bulge. Idk, maybe the material was to thick.
    Also right, $88 was a lot for the shirt.
    Thank you for the reviews!

    1. Hi Sherry! I agree with you. I'm a little tired of crop tops but at the same time full length tops are way too long on my torso. I'm Goldilocks and need something in the middle!

    2. LoL! Exactly- something between a cropped and regular length would be perfect. Once again, lululemon should offer petite sizes. Thanks again for your reviews!

  3. Happy birthday Simi! You sure look like a princess to me! Hope you’re getting lots of treats on your special day :)

    Thanks for another great review, Leslie! I am in love with the Side Cinch Long Sleeve Crew but also wish it came in other colors. Agreed Ocean Air is a bit too pale and I don’t think the details would look as nice in black. Not sure about Wisteria Purple and I would prefer a deeper, more saturated purple.

    The jogger looks petite friendly but I’m not a big fan of high rise. Sadly most bottoms offered by Lululemon these days come with high rise. :(.

    Wish me luck at the anniversary draw! :DDDD

    1. Hi Andrea! She got lots of cheese for treats. She is pretty picky about food but likes to have some cheese. We allow it on her birthday and holidays.

      Yes the Side Cinch Long Sleeve is definitely on my radar if they release it in more colors!

  4. Happy birthday, Simi! She looks very cute!

    Thanks for another great review! I've been curious about the All Yours Tee for a while now, but never had a chance to try one on. After seeing your review, I think I still prefer the fit of the Love V tee. The drop shoulders and oversized fit may not work for me.

    The Ribbed High Rise 7/8 Jogger look good on you. Is the waistband fairly stretchy, like the Vuori joggers? If you were to choose again, would you still go with size 2 or 4?

    Thanks again! Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Karen! The waistband on the Ribbed High Rise 7/8 Jogger is not as stretchy as Vuori. Not even close. I feel Lululemon doesn't offer usually that kind of stretch. There was just a little bit of stretch.

      Tricky question to answer, the size 2 fit everywhere really nicely. I feel like if I went up to a 4, it would be too big everywhere. At the same time I am not a fan of high-rise so the size 2 wasn't very comfortable in the waist for me, even though it fit. For me I go with comfort so I would probably want a looser waistband. I would try on two sizes and see which one you prefer. Since this is the most petite friendly jogger it would be worth doing so to get the right fit.

    2. I prefer a stretchy waistband for high-rise joggers because they're way more comfortable when I sit down for long periods. The length looks good though. If I happen to stop by the store, I'll try both sizes on. Thanks, Leslie~

  5. The side cinch long sleeve is a combo of pretty, relaxed, and the prefect color to show off the details! I LOVE the ebb to street long sleeve on you?! I have to try it if it goes on sale D:! I think it looks so effortless and can pair with so many things but the dang price x__x!!! I have the AYT in my TTS and I find it really long. With my 6" align shorts it sometimes makes me look pantsless once the shorts roll up.... I agree there's nice shirts out there for less!

    1. I am still thinking about the Side Cinch Long Sleeve. I am hoping it will come out in better colors. Lululemon prices really are getting up there. I have to be very picky about what I keep now!

      AYT runs very large, I was surprised.


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