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Fit Review Friday! Aviator Nation Rainbow Boyfriend Tee & 6 Stripe Hoodie Blue Serape Rainbow

Happy Friday! I placed a pretty big Aviator Nation order during their Memorial Day sale. Everything was 20% off so I took advantage. I am splitting my haul into two posts. Part 1 is today and part 2 will be posted for Monday's fit review.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size XS/S in Aviator Nation. Lululemon I typically wear a size 4 in tops. 

Also wearing Farallon Camo Joggers 
(I'm wearing size Petite 0)

How can anyone not like a rainbow t-shirt? It's also apt for Pride month. I am an 80s child and love anything rainbow. This is a crop top and I'm wearing size small. I decided to size up for extra length. The size small measures approximately 20 inches long. The neck opening is a little small, not terrible but if you are sensitive, definitely avoid or size up a couple of sizes. The fit is slightly boxy but still flattering and petite friendly. The sleeve length is longer than most short sleeve tees, so if you're looking for more arm coverage this one is for you.

The rainbow has a textured feel, almost a little rough like it's been painted on which I think is pretty neat. If you're new to Aviator Nation they are a California based company that proudly states on every item is hand sewn in Los Angeles which is probably why their prices are higher. The prices are definitely more palatable when they have their site wide sales. If you are interested in making a purchase I believe their next sale is July 4th which is right around the corner! 

I also ordered their new 6 Stripe Hoodie in Blue Serape Rainbow. I'm wearing size XS and this hoodie comes in Unisex sizing. It fits really well on a petite frame and I find these hoodies to be more comfortable than Scuba Hoodies. I have decided to part with some of my Lululemon collection. If you are interested to see what I have for sale, here is a link to my Ebay page. I'm slowing adding new items so keep checking back for more. 

Can there ever be too much rainbow? No such thing in my book! This hoodie is light weight, yet warm because of the cozy fleece lining. The sleeve length is fine and the cuffs are very stretchy and comfortable. Nothing about this hoodie feels restricting. Sometimes I do wish the pockets were a little deeper but it can still hold on iPhone. 

This outfit is super casual but you can't beat the comfort.

That's it for me! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and go out there and enjoy the summer. 


(Also available in Charcoal and Gray)

Get a discount when you use my invite link.

Aviator Nation is also available at:





WMTM Update!

(I tried this on in a size 6 and it fit. Wasn't the most flattering, because of no inserts but otherwise comfy.)

(I just reviewed this!)

In case anyone is interested, Allbirds released a new limited edition color


  1. I love that hoodie on you! That color combo is gorgeous! I love rainbow too. I've been into brighter colors lately! My wardrobe is still very black and grey but I do like getting colored items now that I have my basic items. Happy Friday! I am going to check out your ebay!

    1. Thanks Janessa! I looked into having a more capsule collection and there were some color schemes suggested but I wasn't really into any of them. So I'm back to just buying the colors I like. =)

  2. I love both the tee and the hoodie on you! The hoodie looks so comfy and fits you really well. Like Janessa, my wardrobe is pretty much grey and black, with a little bit of purples and turquoises/teals.

    I saw the new Alpenglow Tree Dasher which is pretty (I love my Tree Dasher and Wool Dasher Mizzles!) Would’ve ordered it if not for the red tab. Red and yellow are my least favorite colors! :D

    1. Thanks Andrea! I actually don't mind the red tab since it's pretty small. So yeah, I ordered it! LOL.

      I admit, I am totally in love with all of my AN purchases. Haven't been this excited about a new brand in a long time.


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