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Review! Allbirds Women's Tree Dashers in Limited Edition Flora


When I saw these I haaaaad to have them. Pink with purple eyelets and laces?! Yes please. I have a weakness for pink and purple. Allbirds made my dream shoe! I knew these were going to sell out faster than you can say "add to cart" so I knew I had to be on top of the launch.

For reference I wear a size 5.5 in Allbirds Tree Dashers and these are no different. However the Wool Dasher Mizzles I take a size 5 because they do run a little large.

How cute are they? So perfect for spring. They are amazingly comfortable. I don't use them for running but as for a daily shoe. They are super lightweight and breathable.

Easily my favorite pair of Allbirds right now.

Let's get to the details.

As of right now these are completely sold out. Once in a while I have seen sizes come back due to returns so if you do want one, I would stalk the website and pray. 😅 I don't think I've ever checked out so fast for a pair of sneakers. Every so often, Allbirds will bring back some of their "retired" colors. 

I've already worn these for about a month or so. There is literally zero break in time. They should be comfy the moment you put these on. I love that these are machine washable just make sure you wash in cold water and let them air dry. Allbirds has one of the best return policies. 30 days of trying them out and if you decide to return them? No questions asked. Lightly worn shoes get donated. I think that's an amazing return policy. I'll also link my original review of the Tree Dashers at the bottom of the post. 

I can't even tell you how many pairs of Allbirds I have. I think I'm definitely in the double digits. BTW this post is not sponsored! My entire Allbirds collection has been bought with my own money. 😊 I just love them so much. 💜 That's it for me! Hope you all have a fun Monday!



  1. Thank you for the review, Leslie! I just pulled the trigger and placed my first Allbirds order. Gotta spoil myself for my upcoming May birthday! :)

    My first choice was Tree Dasher in Quartz (light grey sole) but they never restocked my size. You know I love greys and ended up ordering the Wool Runner Mizzles Natural Grey (cream sole) in size 8, and the Wool Dasher Mizzle Meteorite (grey sole) in size 7.5. I’m a European size 37.5 and not sure if I’ve picked the right size for the two styles. The Wool Dasher Mizzles was sold out in 7 and 8, so 7.5 was my only option. I sized up on the Wool Runner Mizzles as they don’t come in half sizes. Hopefully one of them will fit.

    My only concern is whether or not the wool will make the sneakers too warm for summer wear but I haven’t noticed any such complaints in the reviews. Will let you know my fit review in a couple weeks! :)

    1. I'm so excited for you!!! I hope one of them fit. The Wool Dasher Mizzles might be okay for summer but I typically don't find them to be too hot. The Wool Runner Mizzles are definitely thicker than the Wool Dasher Mizzles. I can't wait to hear your review! =) BTW great choice for a birthday present.

  2. That has to be my favorite Allbirds color combo I've seen!! Especially for spring and summer. So cute and fresh

  3. I love the colours of these shoes! Very pretty and perfect for spring/summer!


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