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Fit Review Friday! Beyond The Studio 7/8 Jogger & Full Flourish Pullover


Happy Friday! I have a very petite friendly fit review for you all! This is probably THE most Lululemon petite friendly outfit I have ever tried on. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. For the Full Flourish Pullover I decided to size down because of the sleeves and it still fit. 

Full Flourish Pullover Black Size 2

I really, really love this top. It's definitely different from any other pullover that I own. The fabric reminds me of the Rogue Renegade Hoodie I bought over the summer last year. It looks like it's made of the same spacer fabric. It's feels kind of spongey but very soft and cool to the touch. The sleeves are voluminous with a ribbing stripe detail along the arms. The cuffs are fitted but I didn't find them to be restrictive. The sleeves are a little long, but it looks fluid and it works well and fits the style.

This pullover features a cowl neck with an adjustable cord for customizing your look and fit. I however do not prefer anything tight around my neck so I left it as is. This top is short but it hit just a little bit below the waist on me. The length measures 21 inches from the shoulder to hem. I actually like the elastic bottom because it keeps the top from riding up. I think this outfit is actually really cute. Even my husband commented on it. 😃 This is a relaxed fit top and I think you can stay true to size or size down. It all depends on how baggy you want the sleeves and body to fit. There was plenty of room around the shoulders and arms in the size 2. The only thing I would say is sizing down means the elastic around the bottom will feel more snug. If you don't want it to feel snug, I would stay true to size. 

Price is $128 for this top. Is it worth it? I think because of the unique details of this pullover, I am leaning towards yes. So far this is only available in two colors, black and chambray. I think if Lulu releases more colors and if I did see another color I love, I would probably buy a second one. I love the design of this top that much. 

Next up, we have a fit request for the Beyond The Studio 7/8 Jogger. This is probably the most petite friendly Lululemon jogger I have ever tried on and I've tried on a lot! This is swift fabric and feels lightweight. It is also sweat wicking and it does make the swishy sound when moving around. 

I'm wearing my usual size 4 and the waist has a wide band with drawstrings, however the elastic is not very forgiving. It's definitely a snug fit, but I would still say it's true to size. If you're in-between sizes, then I would say size up for sure. The rise is high and definitely hits above my belly button. 

The pockets are very deep.

It is fitted through the hips and slightly loose around the leg. I do think it tapers nicely down to the ankles. There is a ribbing stripe that runs down the side of the leg and ends with some stretchy ruching down the side all the way to the cuff. The cuff is actually quite small, which is shocking to me. The cuff measures 4 inches flat across. The inseam measures 26 inches long which is full length on me. 

The color cassis is a very pretty burgundy red. This also also available in cadet blue which would have been my second choice. I think the cadet blue would have shown the details a little bit better. Price is steep at $118. Is it worth it? I prefer my joggers soft and cottony, so unless you're looking for swishy joggers then maybe it is worth the money because of the fit, but for me it's a return. 

That's all I have for today! Let me know what you think of this outfit. I particularly love the top. It's definitely a winner in my book. Have a great weekend everybody!! 



  1. Happy Friday! What a great review! The pullover looks luxurious and the beautiful cutting is beautiful. I think size 2 fits you perfectly! I love the joggers as well! The length is good and the cuffs are nice and tight! I think they have these joggers in Cadet Blue. I'll have to watch out for these to go on WMTM! Thanks for the review! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Karen! This was a really nice outfit, it's chic athleisurewear! Cadet Blue is really nice too. I was very surprised at how petite friendly it is.

  2. Cute outfit! I went onto the website to check out the joggers and placed an order because of your fit review! I love everything with ruching. :). Ordered the On the Fly Jogger to try on as well, both in Graphite Grey. Will let you know if I like them at all.

    I’m loving the details on the pullover and it’s really cute on you. Definitely worth the price.

    1. Nice! I can't wait to hear what you think of your haul. I definitely want to know what you think of the OTF joggers. Did you get the 28 inch length?

    2. I did get the OTF joggers in 28”. I read the reviews and looks like the joggers fit on the short side, Wish me luck!

  3. The pullover is so cute on you! I have a love/hate relationship with Spacer. It's so comfortable but also tends to pick, pill, and crease easily--at least my Embrace the Space Jacket does.

    While I appreciate LLL has extended their size range up, I wish they would go down as well. I'm a tts 2 and would want a 0 or 00 in the pullover. I size down to 0's in OTF, and I know there are gals smaller than me who would appreciate smaller sizes.

    1. I have noticed it does crease easily, doesn't really bother me that much. Have not noticed the other two faults, at least not yet.

      I have seen some size 0s, but not a lot. Hopefully they will expand to petite sizing! If they did, my wallet would not be happy though lol!

  4. The pullover was made for you!! I agree I prefer soft joggers than the cool swishy ones


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