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Fit Review Friday! Hotty Hot High Rise 2.5 inch & Align Jogger 28 inch


Happy Friday! In case you missed this week's WMTM, I wrote up a quick post for all the newly added items. I'm reviewing a couple of bottoms today. One you've seen before and one is new.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

Hotty Hot High Rise 2.5" Hype Stripe Raceway Size 4

I decided to try the Hotty Hot High Rise 2.5" Hype Stripe Raceway. I'm wearing my usual size 4. Not sure if it's the wrinkles combined with all the stripes but I didn't love this one as much as the cerulean blue I purchased last month. Decided to return this one and glad I did because I ended up ordering the desert teal from this week's upload. 😆 Fit is true to size for me, just wasn't loving it.

Next up we have the Align Jogger 28" Heathered Black. I'm wearing my usual size 4. I normally wear a size 4 in my other Align bottoms and this also fits similar in sizing. I was curious to see if the full length version of the jogger crops at 28" might work on my short legs. The length surprisingly isn't terrible, but still too long. My inseam is normally 25 inches or so. From the side it's not bad. The cuffs are relatively small and fit my ankles nicely.

The legs are nicely fitted. Not too loose and not too baggy.

I do like the pockets and they did not flare out.

The waist isn't completely flat, there is a kind of elastic at the top that's more noticeable from the back. While my regular Align Crops do not pinch at all in the waist, these seem to cinch in a little bit. The rise is also fairly higher than I like, so I didn't find this combination to be the most comfortable. The fabric for the heathered black was interesting. These didn't feel buttery like normal Aligns, this color felt more silky. If nulu and luxtreme ever had a baby, that's what these felt like. Maybe like everlux? I'm not 100% sure because I don't own anything in everlux fabric, I did try it on once, but it's been awhile.

The length is just a tad too long from the back.

Sad to say, I ended up returning both items. What's really interesting is the full length actually works better than the crop length. If you're curious or want a refresher, here is my review for the Align Jogger Crop from two years ago.

The waistband at the top pinches a little bit. 

In other news, I really love the In Alignment Straight Strap Bra. Love it so much I ordered two more. It's the best everyday bra for me. The lunar rock arrived with some wrinkles in the padding which is unfortunate but when I put it on, it smooths out a bit. 

In Alignment Straight Strap Bra Black & Lunar Rock

That's it for me! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Hotty Hot High Rise 2.5"

Hotty Hot Collection

Align Jogger 28"


  1. I haven't tried align joggers in any of the lengths but this makes me want a pair! The in alignment bra looks so comfy and looks like it layers under shirts well

    1. I was surprised that the 28" wasn't awful! It should definitely work for anyone just slightly taller than me.

  2. Thanks for the review and it makes me wanna get a pair of Align Jogger too! My only concern is the thickness of the material. Is it the same weight as the Nulu used for Align Crop? I hope the material is more substantial and doesn’t cling to the body. I want a pair in Heathered Black.

    1. Hi Andrea! The heathered black is definitely thicker, it doesn't feel like my other joggers. I can't say if it would be the same in other colors, but if you're interested in only the heathered black I think you will like it!

    2. Thanks, Leslie! Just ordered a pair and will let you know if I like it!

      Have a wonderful weekend! :)


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