Fit Review Friday! Align Jogger Crop & Scuba Hoodie in Arctic Plum

October 25, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! I know many are waiting for this review, so let's get to it.

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and a size 4 in Align Crops. For the Jogger Crops I am also wearing a size 4. I am typically a size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.

Let me first say I love joggers. Being this petite it's also very hard for me to find joggers that actually fit like they're supposed to. Which means the elastic needs to be small enough for my calves and the length needs to be somewhere around 19 inches. I knew before I received these that the length would be too long, but I also know I'm on the extreme end of the petite spectrum. I would say if you're closer to 5 feet 4, these would probably be fine in terms of length.

First thing I noticed is the size 4 fit similar to my other Align bottoms. It didn't feel too tight as some other reviewers stated. I would say these are true to size. The fabric is made of soft buttery Nulu. These are high waisted, similar to the other Align bottoms. 

My finger is pointing to where my belly button is.

You can't see it very well because of the dark blue color, but there's a ton of extra fabric around my knees. They're folded and bunched up. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I wasn't crazy about how it looks. I feel like my Werkshop joggers fit me better than these do.

I do love that these have pockets!

For these last two photos, you can see how long they are on me if I leave them at full length. My ankles are also small, so they look a little strange. I don't really know how else to describe it! For me, these are going back, but for someone who is a bit taller, they may work for you. I really like them, I just wish they fit me better.

A few weeks ago I said I was sooooo over Scuba Hoodies. I totally have to eat my words. The good news is, the arctic plum color just went on sale. I just ordered it from WMTM and will return the full price one. 

First off, I will say I'm a sucker for burgundy and purples. This color is amazingly saturated and not faded looking at all. I've bought and returned so many Scuba Hoodies over the past year because the color was disappointing or the fit wasn't quite right. Usually I find some to be too tight across the shoulders. This one is perfect. Even the cuffs at the wrists aren't too tight. I wear a Fitbit and hate when I have a hard time getting my Fitbit to sit right. 

The hood is pretty big, but I don't mind that. I actually prefer floppy hoods. Can you tell that this Scuba Hoodie makes me happy? It's soft and very cozy, perfect for the fall weather we are finally getting in Atlanta.

The back is fitted and shows off the figure.

And hey, it looks great with my new Allbirds.
Also wearing Athleta Skulptek Jeans - review here.

That's all for me! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Next post I'll have some cold weather jackets for review. 


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  1. Love the Scuba!! I also have too many. I sold one of my 3s (Heathered Green) as it wasn't soft, so now I am down to 2 Scuba 2s, 2 Scuba 3s and 3 Scuba 4s :D I actually live in the 4s even though I didn't like them at first. I prefer to size down in the 4s as well, all of my other Scubas are a 6, but in the 4 I wear a 4 (I have one size 6 for layering). Happy Friday!

    1. I never bought any Scuba 2, didn't find them comfortable. Too stiff? I have 2 Scuba 3, and 2 Scuba 4 plus one being a Sashiko Scuba. I think I probably wear the Scuba 4 more just because the 3's are too thick sometimes. I only wear those when it's very cold. So I don't think 5 is too many! =D But probably enough.

  2. I also returned my aligned joggers because the fit was just off. Good score on the Scuba hoodie. I noticed that items end up on WMTM pretty quickly these days. It does not give me much incentive to pay full price. Thank you for your fit reviews!

    1. Yes, I am so surprised at how fast items are hitting WMTM. I wonder why?!

  3. The Scuba Hoodie looks great on you! I have two Remix Hoodies which I ordered one size too big and wanna get rid of, three Scuba II, two Scuba III and four Scuba IV (oh my God that’s A LOT of Lulu Hoodies!!!). I like both Scuba II and IV, but the latter seems to be more comfy and not as restricting.

    I am a sucker for purple too, but not too much for burgundy. Would you say Arctic Plum is more on the purple side or burgundy? I have Boysenberry and Black Currant in Scuba IV already and don’t think I need another purple one, but Arctic plum is so pretty! One thing though, even though I put my Scuba Hoodies in a laundry bag, I find that they still fade after a few washes. Do you have the same problem? It doesn’t bother me too much but the colors are not as vibrant as before.

    1. I don't have any Remix Hoodies. Wow you do have a lot of hoodies! Makes me think I can make room for a few more lol.

      I would say Artic Plum is definitely more purple. Boysenberry if I recall is dark purple. Black Currant might be similar to Artic Plum, but I think this one is little brighter.

      My Nocturnal Teal which I wear the most has faded a little bit but I had that for about 2 years so it's not awful. But I was thinking maybe wash them inside out? Have you tried that? But if you put it in a laundry bag that's pretty safe too. I don't even do that with mine. It probably can't be helped. Enjoy it while it lasts! =D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I did wash them inside out. :(. Remix Hoodies were my first Lulu purchases. I should’ve got size 2 which fitted very tight and I didn’t know they would stretch out. I know wear them as jackets lol.

      Apart from black, white, and grey, purple and teal are pretty much the only colors I wear. Too bad I missed out on Nocturnal Teal but I love my Jaded too, which is a bit more on the green side.

      I spend a lot of time with my dog outside so I get to wear hoodies very often! :D

    4. There goes that idea. =( Maybe try switching detergents? But I would guess it really can't be helped. I'm pretty happy right now with my Scuba Hoodies so I don't think I'll be adding anymore. Hopefully!

  4. I am just about your height at 4’11” and the jogger crops hug my calves and fit so perfectly I bought all colors. I’m actually thinking of going back to try on the full length ones tho these are *almost full length on me already. I suspect they’d be too long. If the crops go on sale I’m picking up an extra black pair. Im so sorry they didn’t work for you!!

  5. So glad to have found your blog! I am also 4'11 and ordering Lulu online can be a bit of a guessing game, especially with pants because of the length!

    1. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I often take requests if anyone is looking for a specific review. Just let me know in the comments. =)


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