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WMTM Update!

This WMTM update is too good not to share! Align Hi-Rise Crop 17" $69 is perfect on us petites. I may pick up one for me and one for my sister. We are the same size. I don't believe she has any Align bottoms, and she needs to come over to the dark side. I have a few items in my cart. This is going to be a bad month for me! 😳

(I have this and love it, tempted to get the dark gray as well. So cute! Fit Review here.)

(Do I get this too?! Fit Review here.)

(When did they raise the prices to $68? I could swear they were $58?)

(This looks really comfy, I might have to try this.)

(Very few left!)

(I've been eyeing this for a while, hmmmm?)

(I love this wrap, someone buy this so I don't! Fit review here.)

(This looks cute, has anyone tried it?)


  1. My Rainbow Swiftly LS arrived and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for recommending it cos I wasn’t sure if I would like the colors which were a tad vibrant for my liking on the web pictures. However, the colors looked more subtle on your fit review pictures and glad I pulled the trigger! The Rainbow knit looks way nicer in person!

    Fit is similar to the two I have (older version), maybe slightly roomier. Body and sleeve lengths are pretty much the same. The only major difference would be the thumbholes and missing the Lululemon logo in the front.

    Just managed to grab a size 4 in Rainbow Swiftly S/S!

    Thanks for the heads up re WMTM. Just grabbed an Align Crop in the Ice Grey Space Dyed pattern!

    1. Just took a closer look and actually there’s a very subtle Lululemon logo on the front of the Rainbow Swiftly L/S! :)

    2. Woo hoo! Glad you love it. I say it's the best Swiftly Lulu has come out with. I'm happy I have it in the tank and short sleeve. Yes, the subtle logo on the front is pretty fantastic. Even my husband agrees LOL.

      Oh nice! I really wish they would release more prints in the 17" length for the Align Crops. I'm trying to hold out.

  2. This was an interesting WMTM upload. There were a lot of random, older items--like the Broken Beats Tank, that kinda cool metallic silver jacket, the Dark Adobe DFIA Jacket, and a few others. I wonder if they randomly found some stock or had been saving them.

    1. My guess is they probably found some. Maybe old stock hidden in a corner at a warehouse. When I worked retail back in the day, we used to find old stuff in the stock rooms collecting dust and then we would put it out on the rack for 99 cents!


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