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My Birthday Post!

Okay, so it's not my birthday... yet, but it's coming up on the 6th and that night I'll be posting my fit review Friday for you all! So my birthday post comes first. Not to worry I am taking a couple of days off from work and I'll have a nice four day weekend to do what I please. I think I'm going go on a lil shopping trip! 😆

For those who have been following my blog for the past few years know that I usually do a Frugal February month and stick to a strict shopping ban. The past couple of months I've actually been very good about not spending like a crazy lady so I think I can skip the Frugal February this year and just keep up the good work I've been doing! My bank account is actually looking decent. Lately I've been really trying to keep my spending in check. For January I only purchased three things. A wrap from Athleta, Vinyasa scarf and I managed to snag a very cute Coach bag on ebay. I'll have a review up on the bag soon. 

This year is also the last year of my 30s... it kinda freaks me out a little bit if I let myself think about it. I remember when I turned 30, I was super depressed for a while. I am hoping it won't be as bad when I turn 40 next year. On that note, here is my current birthday wish and I hope my hubby is paying attention. 😜

I'm such a sucker for bags. Coach really has been making some very nice ones lately. I also don't know why I feel like I need so many bags either, but it's always been my weakness! 

(I normally do not go for greens, but this one I think I will make an exception.)

(I got the chance to try this bag out from Rent The Runway and I really love it! Will have a review up soon.)

(I'm heading to the mall on Thursday so hopefully I can do a fitting room review.)

(Still can't get this one out of my head.)

 Have a great Monday!


  1. Happy early birthday! I just turned 38 myself a few days ago. I love that Coach Willis bag in the green color, it’s beautiful. I just purchased the Athleta Stay Fly pants and love them! Interested to see what your review is like for the windbreaker.

    1. Happy Birthday to you!! I was looking at the Stay Fly Pant, they look really cool. If they have them at the store, I'll try those too.

  2. Wishing you a happy birthday on the 6th, Leslie, and I certainly hope your husband got the hint lol! Stay young at heart always!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I'm hanging on to my childish ways for as long as I can! =D


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