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Fit Review! Still Lotus Wrap Reversible Heathered Silver Lilac Frosted Mulberry

This weekend was a bust. It was rainy and cloudy which means no photos again. Dropped by the store to see if they had the Still Lotus Wrap in the lilac/frosted mulberry and they did. In my last post I reviewed it in the heathered black

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops. For this wrap the size XS fits.

For this post I'll only review the Still Lotus Wrap. I have to keep this post short, sorry! The rest of it will be up Friday. 

Mulberry side

The lilac color is very pretty, it's a pale lilac. The reverse side is frosted mulberry. There isn't a huge contrast between the two colors. I think the mulberry side looks more interesting, but I wasn't a fan of the stripe going across the back. I definitely think the heathered black is more wearable between the two color ways. Although, the mulberry would look great with the Allbirds Mizzles in harvest

I do enjoy this style wrap a lot, and can't wait to wear the black one out. It is super cozy and soft. The weight is a heavy. I'm wondering if I can possibly wear it to work. It might be too casual though. Maybe on a Friday? Which color do you like best?



  1. In my opinion the black/grey one looks nicer on you. The lilac one seems to run a bit bigger.

    1. I agree with you. I wasn't sure if it's just because black looks smaller and the lighter colors tend to look bigger. But I am keeping the black even though I do think the lilac is pretty.

  2. I like the black one best! This color is really pretty but I agree the black is more versatile.


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