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Fit Review Friday! Guest Review Dare to Drape Long Sleeve

Hi everyone! I have a guest review from Andrea. As always I welcome guest reviews so if you have something you would like to share and feel it would help other fellow petites send an email to

"I stopped by a Lululemon store on Saturday and the Retreat Yourself Pullover caught my attention.  The material and colors looked gorgeous.  The cut, however, was too boxy and I didn't even bother to try it on. 

The store didn't have the Dare to Drape Long Sleeve in stock so I had a GEC order it in both Black and Heathered Ruatic Clay in size XXS for me.  Surprisingly the parcel arrived this morning!

The material is thinner than the one used for the Retreat Yourself Pullover but it's not see-through.  It's soft, comfy and drapes well.  You know I usually only wear black, grey and white but Heathered Rustic Clay is a gorgeous fall color and I'm leaning towards keeping both colors.

I'm attaching a few pictures for you and feel free to share them on your blog.  Sorry I don't have a wider mirror! 
For your information, I'm 5'3" and slightly over 100 pounds." - Andrea

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Thank you Andrea!


  1. That’s so cute on you! I like the color too. Thanks for the review I might order one to try on. Does the material wrinkle easily?

  2. Hi Sherry,
    The top did come with a lot of wrinkles when I took it out of the bag and you can actually see them from the pictures. However, I don’t think it wrinkles easily with normal wear and the deep creases from packaging should go away after laundry. The top drapes nicely and you should give it a try!


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